Hyundai espresso machine, a coffee ready to go

Hyundai, you obviously know the brand for its cars. What is less known is that there is a subsidiary dedicated to household appliances and kitchen equipment. It is not very present in France while the catalog is more extensive in other countries.

But, and this is important, Hyundai offers a grain grinder espresso machine in France. Located in a very aggressive price range, it obviously deserves to be looked into.

Hyundai espresso machine, presentation

Ideal for beginners


7.5/10Our Rating

  • Adjustable length in cup, intensity and temperature
  • 19 bar pressure for authentic espresso
  • Intuitive navigation with LCD display
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Two cup lengths available

Technical characteristics of the espresso machine with Hyundai grinder

  • Water tank volume: 1.8 l
  • Pump pressure: 19 bar
  • Width: 24cm
  • Depth: 46cm
  • Height: 34cm
  • Hopper volume: 250 g
  • Volume of the grounds container: 9 patties
  • Steam nozzle: no
  • Drinks: espresso, long coffee
  • 2 simultaneous coffees: yes
  • Ground trap: no
  • Coffee intensity adjustment: yes
  • Interface: LCD screen and keys
  • Nozzle rinsing: automatic
  • Brew group maintenance: extractable brew group

Who is this espresso machine for?

Before going into details, the list of machine characteristics allows you to already draw a user profile.

We are on a simple machine, which allows the coffee to be ground and then brewed, in the espresso or long coffee format. The settings are limited, you cannot use ground coffee and above all there is no steam nozzle for hot water (to make an Americano) or to froth the milk for your cappuccino.

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It is therefore intended for a public who discover coffee beans. The machine allows him to be in the economy compared to the aluminum capsule, to have access to more varieties of coffee, while remaining in a simplified use.

The Hyundai is aimed at beginners who want to discover freshly ground coffee beans

Strengths and weaknesses of the Hyundai espresso machine


The Hyundai bean coffee machine has all the assets to offer a quality espresso. Its mill puts forward several positions in order to achieve the adapted grind and one can adjust the strength of your coffee. All you need to do is vary the amount of ground coffee per cup from 7 to 12 grams.

The machine offers two cup lengths, classic espresso or long coffee. It is not to be confused with the Americano that the machine does not offer since it does not have a steam/hot water nozzle.

If two drinks may seem like a limited choice, it is actually consistent with the price range of the machine and with the use made of it by most users. Espresso is by far a much more common beverage than cappuccino-type milk drinks.

If you usually drink slats, see a model with nozzle, like the Magnifica (random!). Otherwise, to avoid going upmarket in terms of price, why not simply stick with this model and opt for a small milk frother that you will only use occasionally. This may be the compromise solution.

The screen is a good initiative, especially since it is far from being present on machines at this level of the range. It displays basic information, but which is both essential and much better symbolized than by flashing lights on other machines of the same level. The information is as follows:

  • Empty tank
  • Insufficient coffee beans
  • Waste drawer full
  • open door

We also appreciate the buttons, which are very easy to understand. There is one per action:

  • Espresso
  • Elongate
  • Cleaning
  • Settings
250 g bean container


Undoubtedly, this espresso machine is limited. Besides its number of drinks, the absence of a steam nozzle is still harmful. Even if it is not used on a daily basis, its absence does not make it possible to make an Americano.

However, it is the preferred alternative when you want a long coffee. Indeed, as a reminder, the Americano consists of lengthening the espresso with hot water. On a long coffee, we pass more water through the extraction group, and as a result we wash the grain. In cup, the result has more bitterness than the American. So this nozzle is missing.

If the aesthetics of the machine is a matter of taste, we can note the finish which is still a bit fair. So yes, it’s fitting with the price range, but the screen is still a bit sparse, even though the installation of an LCD screen is generally reserved for higher-end models.

Finally, the buttons leave the same impression of an entry-level product and not a premium one. But hey, for the price, they get the job done and are simple.

Hyundai espresso machine maintenance

It is all the more necessary to talk about maintenance as this machine will surely be your first espresso grinder. The machine rinses its circuits on its own and warns you when descaling is necessary.

You can also add a water filtration system to limit limescale. There are small filter cartridges in the form of a bag that compensate for the location of a filter in the tank.

The extraction unit is easily accessible on the right of the machine, Delonghi style. A passage under the tap of hot water, let dry in the open air and it’s done.

Maintenance is therefore basic, giving fewer excuses for not cleaning your machine. It’s a question of hygiene, but also of taste since coffee oils tend to stay in the circuits, and go rancid over time, which gives a bad taste to the coffee.

The extraction group is easily accessible on the right of the machine

A conclusion on wheel hats

Ideal for beginners

  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive LCD screen
  • Good value for money
  • Several settings available
  • Missing the steam nozzle
  • Slightly tight finishes
  • Few settings possible

What do you think of this Hyundai machine? Correct, but necessarily limited given the target it aims, the Hyundai will not suit all audiences.

It is aimed at beginners who want to both discover freshly ground coffee beans, while still avoiding very high costs. The machine will in any case be quickly reimbursed if we compare with the costs of coffee in capsules.