If you want to take a movie, use good audio! Smart size shotgun microphone! Sennheiser MKE 400-II Review

Recently, there are more opportunities to shoot videos with a digital single-lens (SIGMA fp). The performance of the SIGMA fp’s built-in microphone is not bad, but it also picks up the surrounding sounds as it is. If you want to focus on conversation and shoot, you still want a shotgun microphone.

Fortunately, due to the popularity of YouTuber and VLOG, many digital single-lens microphones are sold in a reasonable price range. At first, I thought about buying cheap ones and stepping up one by one, but when I tried to buy good ones from the beginning, RODE, Sennheiser, and microphones around SHURE seemed to be popular. was.

At that time, I learned from Sennheiser that a new product, the MKE 400-II, would be released, and although it was a bit over budget, I liked the design because it was simple, so I decided to take the plunge and buy it.


Review Sennheiser MKE 400-II

This is the Sennheiser MKE 400-II package. The blue key color is a nice accent.

The notation on the package is “MKE 400”, but the contents are “MKE 400-II”.

Since it is a shotgun microphone, the package is long.

However, the length of the microphone itself is about two-thirds of the package. The mounting method is shown on the middle pig.

The contents are as follows. The MKE 400-II main unit consists of a windshield, a carrying case, two AA batteries, user manuals, and two audio cables (one is a 4-pole cable for smartphones).

This is the main body of Sennheiser MKE 400-II. There are headphone output and volume adjustment.

On the other side, there is a mic gain adjustment, low cut filter ON / OFF, and a power button.

The weight is 95.8g, which is less than 100g.

There is a microphone output in front.

There is a battery box on the back.

Insert two AA batteries here.

Insert AA batteries and you will be able to turn on the power. The power button can be turned on with a short press and turned off with a long press.

The audio cable has a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection and can be fixed.

Now let’s attach it to the SIGMA fp.

I installed MKE 400-II on SIGMA fp

The camera I usually use is SIGMA fp, and I installed the MKE 400-II.

The angular and simple design of the SIGMA fp and the simple shotgun microphone MKE 400-II look great.

The curl cable is just the right length.

I actually shot it, but it almost never picks up anything other than the sound emitted in front of the microphone, and the voice is recorded beautifully.

It doesn’t get in the way even if you leave it on, but you have to be careful that it doesn’t work with the power supply of the camera. The power of the MKE 400 II must be turned on separately. I forgot this and was disappointed when there was no audio … It’s just a mistake.

I tried combining MKE 400-II with iPhone

I’m using Ulanza’s ST-28, which allows you to mount your iPhone on a tripod with MagSafe. This mount has a cold shoe mount so you can work with your iPhone. * Can only be mounted with MagSafe.

The iPhone doesn’t have an earphone jack, so you’ll need a Lightning adapter. I don’t want to get messed up with cables, so I used the ddHiFi conversion adapter TC35i here.

It’s too convenient to shoot outside, so I’ve been using it more often with the iPhone than with the SIGMA fp these days.

Summary of Sennheiser MKE 400-II

It feels like a luxury product for the first shotgun microphone to buy, but thanks to that, I’m not completely dissatisfied with its performance. It goes well with SIGMA fp and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and will be useful in various situations in the future.

There is also a compact size MKE 200. You can buy it for about half the price of MKE 400-II, so it seems to be popular on Amazon. (It seems that many reviews are also highly evaluated).