In this way, you can motivate your employees even in times of crisis

In this way, you can motivate your employees even in times of crisis

When a company is hit by a crisis, managers often forget that the issue affects the entire workforce.

Communicate openly

Uncertainty is usually even worse than clear announcements by managers. Therefore, the first thing to do is to communicate openly if you want to motivate your employees. Bad news and possible steps should be announced quickly and clearly. Supervisors have a duty towards their employees to inform them in good time.

Putting things off doesn’t help anyone. In addition, early communication has the advantage that employees can actively help to overcome the crisis more quickly. The earlier you initiate this step, the greater the chances that the employees will lend a hand and actively contribute to the solution.

However, the open communication policy should not end here. Motivating employees is an ongoing process, even in times of crisis, so you should keep them informed about the situation with regular updates. This is particularly important for highly qualified workers, who must be kept in the company. If they lose their motivation, they may start looking for an alternative job. Instead, it is important to give these people the feeling that they are really needed and that their performance is a key factor in overcoming the crisis.

Employees motivate even without money

A good manager is one who sets a good example. While this is comparatively easy when successful, this ability is particularly important in times of crisis. Motivating employees is particularly successful when managers show that they believe in a way out. If you let yourself down and make a demotivated impression, you cannot expect good performance from your employees. If, on the other hand, you continue to show enthusiasm and strength, then the employees are much more willing to accept the new challenges.

In addition, it is important that a plan or vision exists. The necessary spirit of optimism can only be created if you can show a way to overcome the crisis. Don’t forget that employees are people. Praise and recognition for progress made on the way out of the crisis are particularly important in these times in order to be able to motivate employees. This does not require any separate bonuses or other payments. A pat on the back and thanks for the effort are often enough.

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