Increase performance – that’s why a healthy and balanced diet is so important!

Increase performance – that’s why a healthy and balanced diet is so important!

Many people eat too unhealthily and neglect to meet the body’s need for nutrients and vitamins. Eating and drinking unhealthy foods is too common. Fast food, very greasy dishes and lots of sweets are regularly on the menu for many consumers. A rapid drop in performance in mental and physical ability is no wonder. In order to increase performance in everyday life and at work and thus to be able to cope with all the tasks of the day, you should rethink your nutrition plan. With very simple methods and minor changes, it is possible to improve physical and mental fitness. We show you how it works. The following guide provides a few simple and very effective tips and tricks to improve the performance of body and mind. It is also possible to strengthen the immune system, which is a great advantage, especially in the cold season.

Drink enough water, but only the right amount!

An improvement can also be achieved in the choice of drinks. Sugary drinks usually taste good, but are very unhealthy in the long run. A glass of water is better here. But water is not just water. Anyone who drinks ordinary water from the tap runs the risk of absorbing a large number of pesticides, limescale and bacteria. Although the tap water in Germany is the best in the world, numerous water samples contained both drug residues and hormones from the Birth control pills detected in tap water. Accordingly, it is the tap water in one water distiller to filter and thus to clean. Because only with a water distiller is it possible to drink pure and healthy water. The quantity also plays a big role here. If you drink too little water, the blood volume decreases and the body is no longer sufficiently supplied with oxygen. You feel less concentrated, tired and in a bad mood. Doctors therefore recommend drinking at least two to three liters of purified water every day to ensure optimal hydration.

Avoid snacks and in-between meals

In order to eat healthier, you should completely avoid between meals and snacks. If you align your diet with three solid main meals a day, you will be able to significantly improve your body’s metabolism. It is particularly important to ensure a hearty breakfast to ensure a good start to the day.

Fruits and vegetables for optimal nutrient intake

Many adults suffer from malnutrition. Because only a few adults reach for fresh fruit and vegetables every day. But with a handful of fruit and vegetables, you can ensure an optimal supply of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. In many offices in Germany there is now a fruit basket. If you want to satisfy a little hunger, it is advisable to simply grab a banana or an apple. In this way, the body gets a lot of vitamins and nutrients, which is crucial for the performance of the body and mind.

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