Introducing an ultra-ultra-compact dock for displaying Nintendo Switch on TV! Review of GENKI Dock Mini

The correct answer is to use “genuine dock + genuine AC adapter + HDMI cable” as to how to display the Nintendo switch on the TV. However, you must carry this accessory with you to show it on your TV on the go. It will be a bulky baggage.

The solution was the GENKI Covert Dock. It looks like a USB-AC adapter, but it is actually a small hub with an integrated power supply that enables power supply and HDMI output. It is useful when projecting the switch on a projector at an event or when projecting the switch screen on a mobile display. GENKI Covert Dock Review / Video output and power supply without a genuine Nintendo Switch dock!

I wasn’t dissatisfied with the Covert Dock itself, but a mini version is coming out. Where do you sell it? It was possible to purchase it as an option of GENKI Waveform (right photo), which is currently accepting support purchases at Makuake.

Review GENKI Dock Mini

This is the GENKI Dock Mini package. Similar to the Covert Dock, it has a cubic shape.

When I opened the package, there was a note in each language. In Japanese, “Check out the Genki Dock using the included USB 3.1 cable for best performance.There is.

This is my guess, but when using the GENKI Covert Dock, I think there were many complaints that “it does not appear” using another company’s USB-C cable without using the attached cable. Even if USB-C has the same shape, the standards inside are often different, and there are few cables that can transmit video in particular.

The contents are the GENKI Dock Mini main unit and a USB-C cable.

The GENKI Dock Mini is palm-sized, just a mini!

The GENKI Dock Mini is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand.

Even this size uses a foldable plug. It’s convenient to carry.

From the photo of the package, I could imagine that it was small, but when I actually picked it up, I was surprised at its size.

Size comparison between GENKI Dock Mini and Covert Dock

By the way, if you are thinking about purchasing the GENKI Dock Mini, it will be different from the original Covert Dock. I compared them side by side. The top photo is GENKI Dock Mini, and the bottom photo is Covert Dock. The depth is almost halved. Exactly a mini!

However, there are some that have been cut into small pieces. It’s a USB-A port. It worked as a USB hub on the Covert Dock, but was removed on the GENKI Dock Mini. Probably specialized as a dock for Nintendo Switch.

Let’s also compare the weight. The GENKI Dock Mini weighs about 45.6g and the Covert Dock weighs about 101.3g. Mini weighs less than half!

Finally, let’s check the video output via HDMI.

Performance is inherited from the original!There is no problem with the HDMI output of the switch

Connect the included USB-C cable (either connector is acceptable) to the Nintendo Switch and the other to the USB-C port on the GENKI Dock Mini. Then connect the HDMI cable from the GENKI Dock Mini’s HDMI port to your TV or display.

This time, I tried to output the screen of Nintendo Switch on a 15.6-inch mobile display. You can do the same as Covert Dock.

* The photo above uses INNOCN’s OLED mobile display 15K1F.

What is the PDO of GENKI Dock Mini?

Finally, to see the performance as an AC adapter, USB Power Delivery’s PDO (Power Data Object). It seems that the maximum output is 20W according to the specifications.

Summary of GENKI Dock Mini

Originally, I used the Covert Dock itself, so its performance and stability were stable and reliable. If you ever bring this downsizing, Nintendo Switch out there, this is definitely a buy! (Because it is a rental item, it must be returned …)

GENKI Dock Mini can be purchased as an optional item of GENKI Waveform, which is currently accepting support purchases at Makuake.