La Belle Illoise’s seamless marketing strategy

This Breton cannery was born in 1932, in Quiberon, from sardine fishing. His sardine cream with whiskey, my favourite, is now just a reference among the many colorful boxes that can be found in his own stores. Deciphering a strategy… in tune!

The distribution

say no to retail has undoubtedly been one of the keystones of its success. No question of sacrificing to the imperatives of low prices and of profitability of these circuits, the initial idea is to sell them directly to holidaymakers arriving in the summer. Before opening its own stores, today more than 60…


For a long time the shops were located only on the Atlantic coast. Vacationers feasted, made some stocks before their departure, so it would have been foolish to deprive yourself of outlets outside holidays. Online sales on the brand’s website quickly took over, and now represent more than 40% turnover.

Once upon a time…

Sell ​​the sea, fishing, product history. La Belle Iloise knows how to highlight its ingredients, its anchorage, its cheeky choices, its know-how, and its raw materials. All the easier since we are talking about natural ingredients, which smell good of sea spray, the terroir and the cuisine.

Talk to the consumer

Providing recipe cards in stores, playing with words in product names, caring for service, having new products tasted, showcasing products in stores, happily animating the shelves, sending an email for each new product, everything is made so that the consumer feels close to the products and the universe.

Play on product trends

Are seafood products too classic? Never mind, the brand transforms them into dreamy crumbles by incorporating spices from elsewhere or exotic ingredients. Sardines with oriental spices, crumbled mackerel in white beer, Marie-Galante tuna, crumbled buccaneer mackerel, as in cooking the only limit is your imagination (and a few manufacturing constraints).

The dynamics of novelties

Reinventing the product, the way to cook it, to present it and to consume it, the brand has understood the impact of new products on purchases. Each season sees the shelves expand with new recipes or preparations, which inspires customers with ideas, encourages them to taste everything and come back!


Reinvent tasting to increase purchasing opportunities

Sardines prepared in different ways, soups, small pots, cold or hot preparations, for picnics, starters, meals, aperitifs, everything is designed so that Belle-Iloise products become a source of inspiration of meals, and not a simple can of sardines bought occasionally.

When the can becomes a gift

In the same spirit, the company has been able to embellish its products by offering them in boxes that we want to offer. The possibilities of thematic variations are endless: Suitcase “Mister lobster and Lady sardine on a goguette”, Small box “It looks like the South”, cube “Small aperitif of friends”, box “tuna on tone” who said that we could not have fun with tuna or mackerel? Result, a peak in sales at the end of the year!

Colorful and friendly packaging

We know the influence of packaging on the impulse purchase. It’s hard to do better than these colorful boxes, with playful illustrations featuring fish. Pleasure of the eyes before that of the taste buds. And a nice contrast with the worked retro side of the tin cans which helps to maintain the link with maritime and Breton history.

Between tradition, authenticity and innovation, Belle-Iloise knows reinvent itself without cutting the link with its history and its consumers. A very studied marketing, within the reach of many brands. On good terms….