luxury, experience, sales and marketing!

The secret ofan idyllic hotel ? Impeccable service, enchanting places, top-of-the-range services. But how to go further and amaze customers to better attract and retain them, to increase additional sales? Here are the marketing recipes for the Hameau des Baux, in Les Baux de Provence.

A redesigned guest experience at the hotel

The hotel is a huge show room vintage furniture with pieces from the 50s to the 90s that can be found everywhere, including in the bedrooms, and that can be purchased! The rooms are enhanced by the beauty of the place, are part of your universe during your stay, ideal for projecting yourself, imagining them at home and cracking…

A shop is located in the heart of the hotel to unearth exceptional products and unique creations. Perfectly inserted in the middle of the establishment without being flashy, the shop is made to make customers want to give gifts, to go shopping during the day: jewellery, lifestyle, decoration, different pieces that go together to the atmosphere of the place at boutique prices.

The derivative products are in the same line with notebooks and posters which strive to transcribe the emotions experienced in this magical place. Who wouldn’t want to extend their stay by buying some Hameau souvenirs?

A selection of books in collaboration with a local bookstore, welcomes customers in the lobby. And as the place invites calm and relaxation, many customers are tempted to then devour the pages by the pool or on their shaded terrace.

New concepts to better reach customers

A app is devoted to the hotel and the discovery of the region. A Ipad is made available to customers with the online vintage furniture store, the possibility of booking hotel restaurants, ordering massages, etc. Once again, the immediate accessibility to the services coupled with a good understanding of today’s uses makes it possible to increase sales opportunities.

Of the vintage cars gild their bodies at the entrance to the hotel, cars that can be rented for half a day or a day. Citroën Méhari, 2CV, Austin Mini, Alfa Roméo Spider 2000 or Triumph TR4 A IRS. Ideal for those who had not planned to rent a car to be tempted by the experience of criss-crossing the Alpilles with their hair in the wind!

Of the exhibitions and sales of painters, sculptors, ceramists allow customers to discover works of art and beautiful things more efficiently than in a gallery. In addition to dressing up the place, they give customers an additional opportunity to let themselves be seduced.

The restoration is also staged in order to entice hotel guests and weekend visitors alike: a typical village square atmosphere in the heart of the Hamlet, a Citroën truck decorated as a kitchen, balanced musical entertainment such as jazz or guinguette, prizes competitive with quality products, dining and eating there becomes a matter of course!

Whether the marketing offer du Hameau des Baux is made all the more effective as it is a upscale hotel with some customers with high purchasing powerthe fact remains that it draws its effectiveness from practices that many establishments could adapt to their positioning : customer experience unique and varied, regular renewal of proposalsuse of digital as a sales channel, strong identity, creativity of services in particular!