Maxicoffee soon to be acquired by the Italian giant Lavazza

Founded in 2007 in the south-west of France by Christophe Brancato, the MaxiCoffee group is the specialist in the world of coffee. Its offer is aimed at both individuals and professionals thanks to its e-commerce site, its network of 60 agencies spread throughout France, its École Café and its shops.

The Maxicoffee company has experienced a very good evolution since its creation and has become the leader in the sale of coffee on the Internet in France. Its success is now of interest to the coffee giant Lavazza, which has just made an offer to buy back 100% of the capital of Maxicoffee.

Lavazza’s acquisition offer to Maxicoffee

The Italian group Lavazza announced on Monday November 28, 2022 that it had presented a “binding offer for the purchase” of 100% of the share capital of the French coffee distributor MaxiCoffee.

Maxicoffee is the specialist in the world of coffee in France, it is number 1 in the sale of coffee (bean, ground, capsules) and coffee machines on the Internet.

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The company now offers its community a wide choice of 8,000 references from more than 350 different brands of coffee, coffee machines (espresso, coffee makers, coffee grinders) and accessories.

The company employs more than 1,500 people and manages an e-commerce site, around sixty professional agencies, concept stores and a coffee school located in Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux.

Why does Lavazza want to buy Maxicoffee?

The Italian coffee giant wishes to take over 100% of the share capital of the French Maxicoffee in order to strengthen its position in France.

Indeed, thanks to this operation, the Lavazza Group will continue to enhance and increase its presence in all coffee segments in its reference markets.

The CEO of the Lavazza group, Antonio Baravelle explains that “the acquisition of MaxiCoffee will allow the Lavazza group to consolidate its position in France, a key market for the group since its inception, and to strengthen its presence in e-commerce and on the B2C/consumer market.

This operation is part of the group’s international development strategy and will support the development of MaxiCoffee, which will retain its multi-brand and independent profile”.

This operation allows Lavazza not to put all its eggs in one basket. It can thus count on its Carte Noire brand for its presence in supermarkets, and on the Maxicoffee e-commerce site, which will sell its products and those of its competitors to take advantage of the different dynamics of the market.

By carrying out this acquisition, the Lavazza group is diversifying its offer: ground coffee, coffee beans and coffee in capsules, Maxicoffee sells more than 350 different brands of coffee. Added to this are all the coffee machines and accessories sold on the Maxicoffee website.

This diversification strategy is a wise choice in this period of inflation. Additionally, by having a site that sells machines and coffee, Lavazza will be well positioned to do bundle deals with its coffee.

By carrying out this acquisition, the Lavazza group is diversifying its offer: ground coffee, coffee beans and coffee capsules

Christophe Brancato remains president of MaxiCoffee

Currently, the capital of the MaxiCoffee company is held by its founder Christophe Brancato, the 21 Invest France fund, as well as by several minority shareholders. Following this acquisition, the Lavazza group will become the majority shareholder and will be associated with Christophe Brancato who will retain the presidency of MaxiCoffee.

For Christophe Brancato, “joining the Lavazza family group, and continuing to develop our business model there, is an opportunity and recognition. This operation brings together all the conditions to satisfy and strengthen the privileged relationships that we have had for a long time with our customers, our consumers and our supplier partners.

A new longer-term phase will begin and it will certainly promote our human and social development objectives which are at the heart of MaxiCoffee and its community”.

The Lavazza Group is about to buy MaxiCoffee

For the little anecdote, it was at Maxicoffee that I took my first steps in the world of coffee. 6 years ago, I completed my barista training in their coffee school and I was introduced to the world of coffee by visiting their roasting center and practicing on their technical platform.

It is therefore a real joy to see how far Maxicoffee has evolved and to learn that the company is now being offered a takeover offer by the famous Lavazza Group!

Regarding the proposal of the Italian group, for the moment, only the acquisition offer has been made, but the answer should not delay.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. The transaction is still subject to the prior information and consultation procedure of the Social and Economic Committee of the companies of the MaxiCoffee group, as well as to the approval of the Competition Authority.

To be continued…