Model railway – a fascinating hobby with a nostalgic character

Model railways – a fascinating hobby with a nostalgic character

The model railway therefore still exerts an incomparable fascination and qualifies as a leisure activity that means so much more for many generations. What is the hobby of model railways? Who is it for and why is it becoming a trend that buries its roots in the past? The following portrait provides answers.

What is the fascinating thing about running a model railway as a hobby?

Anyone who works with a model railway often has the desire to dive into a completely different world than the here and now. Owning a model railway, building model railway landscapes and dealing with the rattling trains for hours is a wonderful contrast to the fast pace of everyday life today. For many people, the world is turning faster and faster in everyday life and the longing for a mental break is growing. In addition, it is the deliberately called simplicity of the technology, which contrasts with the mostly highly complicated innovative technology of today in a refreshingly different way. Even if in model making the Digital technology also increasing is represented, it is usually the analogue wagons and rail systems that make the eyes of model railway fans shine.

Lovers of model railways therefore prefer to set up a basement, attic or other separate refuge especially for the model railway. They often disappear for hours in the “catacombs” of their own homes. Men are becoming boys again and in the female world too, model railways are increasingly finding open arms.

You are thinking about to buy a model railway? It doesn’t matter whether you want this hobby as a balance to your job or you want to take up a hobby that you have neglected for a long time when you retire: Owning a model railway, adding to it regularly and running the trains is an investment in a fascinating future.

Who is the model railway hobby suitable for?

The hobby is usually enjoyed by people who appreciate being alone for a longer period of time. Totally immersed in the hobby, unconventional meditative moments can be created by dealing with the model railway. But also friends of the railway, (former) employees of the railway and people who have a great interest in technical components are predestined for this hobby.

A particularly nice idea is to get children excited about model railways from an early age. Children usually see their parents and grandparents as role models, so that the model railway often accompanies them throughout their lives. As a parent or grandparent, however, you should make sure that the child has already reached the age of 3. This minimizes the risk of swallowing small parts of the model railway.

Which model railway is the right choice?

The entire world of model railroading is colorful like that Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg proves. Numerous renowned manufacturers such as PIKO, Roco, Liliput and Märklin provide an extensive selection of model railway accessories. First of all, however, the decision for a track should be made.

The following tracks are among the classics:

– H0 (corresponds to scale 1:87)

– TT (equivalent to 1:120 scale)

– N (equivalent to 1:160 scale)

– Z (equivalent to 1:220 scale)

Ultimately, all models that the model railway system is to have depend on the selection of this track.

Gauge H0 is very popular with model railroad fans. One reason for this may be that the railway models can be fitted with a sound decoder and a loudspeaker. The TT gauge, which emerged from the former GDR, is mainly manufactured by the renowned premium model railway manufacturer PIKO. The models are characterized by loving details and create model railway landscapes that make dreams come true. If you value the length of the train, you are well advised to go with the N gauge, and the Z gauge – manufactured in particular by Märklin – makes room for expansive track systems.


The model railway is a hobby that has never had its day and probably will not in the future either. Even the smallest of society can be inspired by this hobby.

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