Preventing a cold: How to get through the cold season


Preventing a cold: How to get through the cold season

Whether in the office or on the tram: In winter, coughs and sneezes come out of every corner. Viruses are really lurking everywhere. Unfortunately, such a quarantine suit is quite impractical in everyday life. Fortunately, however, there are other ways to prevent a cold. With our tips, you can survive the next wave of colds as healthy as possible.

Tip 1: Keep mucous membranes moist

Why do we catch cold so often, especially in winter? This is not necessarily due to the cold, but primarily to the warm air from the heating, which dries out our mucous membranes. As a result, they no longer fulfill their defense function as well and cold viruses have an easy time of it. They settle in the upper respiratory tract and cause the typical cold symptoms there: cough, runny nose and hoarseness.

To prevent a cold, the mucous membranes should therefore always be well moistened. It is therefore important to open the windows fully for a few minutes about once an hour or to take a short walk during your lunch break. However, it is just as important to drink enough. Around 1.5 liters per day are recommended. This also applies, by the way, if you have caught a cold. In addition to water, warm tea is also a good help mucous cough. This can liquefy tough mucus and make it easier to cough up.

Tip 2: Strengthen the immune system with sauna sessions

The Finns swear by their “sweat rooms” – and regular sauna sessions can actually help to strengthen the immune system. Sweating puts the body in a kind of “artificial fever” that – similar to real fever – activates the immune cells that are important for fighting off infections. Sweating is followed by an abrupt cool down in an ice pool or bath. The temperature change stimulates blood circulation and the cardiovascular system is trained.

If you want to prevent colds with the help of a sauna, you really have to do it like the Finns and sweat more often. Because positive effects only come about through regular visits.

Tip 3: “Run away” from the common cold

Those who exercise regularly are less likely to catch colds than those who don’t exercise. Because if you are more active, your immune cells are too. Regular exercise strengthens your immune system and can prevent a cold. For example, moderate jogging of about 20 minutes a day is completely sufficient. The regularity of the training is more important than the intensity. Very excessive sport is even counterproductive and can overwhelm the immune system. A sufficient regeneration phase after sport is therefore recommended.

If you have a fever, sport should always be taboo. The viruses can then set off on a journey through the body and cause, for example, heart muscle inflammation, which can have dangerous consequences.

Tip 4: Stay calm!

An upcoming deadline, family problems and the like – there are many reasons for stress in everyday life. Above all, those who suffer from constant tension are more prone to catching a runny nose. Because the psyche also has an influence on our immune system.

Therefore, treat yourself to breaks more often in the colder months and make sure you get enough sleep. This is how you make it through the cold season in a relaxed manner.

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