Reduce stress – you can do this

Reduce stress – you can do this

Stress is not an indicator of good work!

This guide couldn’t do without a quick look at a misconception we often fall into. Many people think of the feeling of stress is a sign that they are working well and efficiently towards their professional and private goals. But by no means only does he work to a healthy extent who hardly ever takes a break and always seems to be energized.

On the contrary, good work can also succeed if one’s own limits do not have to be exceeded and overstretched every day. For this reason, we should abandon the idea that we can only work really intensively and successfully if we create a feeling of tension in ourselves as a result.

Spontaneous relaxation in the office

The first step to successfully coping with stress can be done right in the office. Anyone who feels overwhelmed by a task, threatens to lose track and suddenly finds it difficult to concentrate shows the typical symptoms. In this case, it is worth using active and readily available measures to get rid of this burden. On a small scale, this can already be the small walk to the copier, which brings some movement back into it. Other times, it’s better to just walk around the block and get some fresh air.

The blockages that can be associated with acute stress can also be released through mental breaks. This can be done, for example, by looking at the shopping list that still needs to be written for the delicious meal together in the evening. More and more modern offices are also thinking about a lounge for their employees, where they can do other things. This is also an excellent way to escape acute stress.

The use of appropriate tools

It is not always necessary to completely overcome the stress without tools and external support. For example, more and more people rely on the effects of CBD oil, which is extracted from the hemp plant. This does not have an intoxicating effect, but it can create a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Others instead opt for the more natural and unprocessed form of consumption. Cannabis seeds, which offer the possibility of harnessing these effects yourself, are for example here to find.

But not only the consumption of beneficial products can be a means to get the stress under control. On the other hand, it is possible to use targeted relaxation techniques. Just think of the well-attended yoga classes offered in practically every city today. The intensive occupation with the content offers the possibility to use it at home within a few minutes to combat stress. The beneficial effect it has on body and mind has long been scientifically proven. Those who stay on the ball longer and pay particular attention to the regularity of the exercises will benefit most from the effects.

Schedule time for yourself

A newly structured way of thinking in your own weekly planner is also an important step in leaving the stress behind. We have learned to enter all professional and private things there that we still have to do. Under this impression, our private life with all the things that are important to us is often degraded to a mere filler. Since these are usually rare in a full life, we hardly have the time to deal with ourselves. This can be stopped by deliberately including time for personal activities in the planner.

Create realistic expectations

If, despite all these steps, it is not possible to get over the stress completely, other solutions must be found. Perhaps the cause lies in too large a gap between what we expect of ourselves and the potential that we can actually fulfill in everyday life. Anyone who always lags just one step behind the ideal state in this way will hardly ever have the opportunity to be satisfied with themselves. It is precisely in this situation that it is helpful to reflect and reconsider your own goals. It might be enough to slightly extend the time periods in which they are to be achieved. Those who free themselves from excessive pressure in this way will in many cases be able to motivate themselves to perform better.

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