Self-employment: Is newsletter marketing often underestimated?

Self-employment: Is newsletter marketing often underestimated?

Use great newsletter marketing potential

Despite generally low opening rates, there is great potential in newsletter marketing that should be used. After all, almost all Internet users have an e-mail address. Without this, neither orders in online shops nor registrations in social networks are possible. Around 58% of all Internet users even check their e-mail inbox first before doing any other online activity. When it comes to age, according to a study by the online portal Statista, older people spend more time with their e-mail system than with it social networks. Around 62.5% of older people (50 to 87 years) stated that they use their e-mail inbox frequently.

The advantages of newsletter marketing

In addition to many potential users, newsletter marketing offers other advantages. Such as a short waiting time when measuring success. The reason for this is that the recipients generally react quickly to the emails sent. Accordingly, success can be determined in a short time and countermeasures can be taken immediately in the event of failure.

Another advantage that cannot be denied is that the costs for newsletter marketing are manageable, since there are no printing and postage costs, for example. The work that has to be done in advance is really complex. This includes design, text creation and programming.

These advantages show that it is definitely worthwhile for founders to rely on newsletter marketing. To ensure that nothing goes wrong here and that the newsletter is a complete success, certain points must be observed.

Which points to consider in newsletter marketing

When it comes to email marketing, founders should pay particular attention to the layout of the newsletter. After all, what good is a newsletter if it is confusing and therefore uninteresting for the readers? The newsletter design must convince customers as soon as they open the e-mail and encourage subscribers to take a closer look at the content of the e-mail and, ideally, to interact.

Luckily, there are free newsletter templates available online that business owners can take advantage of. So offer z. For example, various companies offer a wide range of free email templates that can be designed in the drag and drop editor or via HTML code. This includes, for example, the company Sendinblue. Regarding template usage from this provider customers benefit not only from a simple application but also from a responsive design of the templates, as they automatically adapt to the requirements of different end devices such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

In addition to using suitable templates, it makes sense to include a call-to-action button (CTA) in a successful newsletter, which contains a clear call to action. This includes sentences like:

* Download the free e-book now.
* Read this article.
* Register for the event here.

It should be checked whether the buttons look clickable, because if it looks like a pure text field, users may not take any action.

It is also important to ensure that you comply with legal requirements for newsletter marketing. Here the so-called double opt-in procedure, the data protection declaration, integrated unsubscribe link and the imprint must be checked. If you want to avoid legal warnings, you should definitely deal with these topics before the newsletter is sent.

Furthermore, a detailed research for the optimal time of dispatch is recommended. Because not every e-mail is equally successful at all times. The day and time for the successful newsletter must first be found out. These vary depending on the industry and target group. But two essential aspects apply to almost all newsletters:

* In general, most e-mails are opened in the morning until mid-morning. Interest decreases in the afternoon and increases again in the evening.

* The individual days of the week differ only slightly in terms of open rates. The weekend tends to be a bad time for sending, as private and business customers use their mailbox less on these days.

The ideal shipping time cannot be determined in general and must be tested individually.


Newsletter marketing offers a lot of potential for business owners who want to attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal. In order to fully utilize this potential, essential aspects must be taken into account. This involves a lot of research and preparation, but ultimately it is worth the effort for a successful newsletter.

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