SEO texts are evolving – the future of search-optimized texts

SEO texts are evolving – the future of search-optimized texts

SEO texts should be able to be found faster in a search, and this is most easily done if they occupy the best possible position in the search results (ranking). Of course, when this happens, the website owner has some advantages:

  • Increased visibility
  • Searchers/potential new customers are made aware of your own website
  • promote sales
  • image building
  • finding regular customers

SEO Strategies

The structure and thus the strategy behind the SEO texts have changed enormously in recent years and will continue to develop. At that time, a real keyword stuffing was carried out. Certain search terms were embedded in the texts as often as possible, quite strikingly penetratingly. This can no longer be done in this way today, because the search engines have also been further developed and only take actually relevant and meaningful texts into the selection. So they pick out those that really help the seeker and not those that were just “appearances”.

Current topics are interesting for the readers and this should also be implemented accordingly in such a way that the searchers become aware of the texts purely through their interest. This is the best and most promising strategy.

But the searcher is also interested in other criteria if they end up on the corresponding website of the provider through an SEO text. Because not only the actual clicking is interesting for the end user, but also that the potential customers remain on the website:

  • Loading speed of the website
  • Proof of update of the website
  • High quality image quality
  • Error-free page ads
  • no unnecessary advertising

Help with the selection and preparation of the right SEO texts can be a SEO agency Offer. Such an agency helps to design the texts in such a way that an optimal ranking in the search engine is achieved. This is done through the SEO analysis and the appropriate SEO strategy based on it. All-round support and the personal conversation bring to light what the website can bring forward without detours.

target group identification

Keyword research also provides information about which target group should be addressed:

  • Who is my target group?
  • What is the target group interested in?
  • Do the products offered satisfy the needs of the target group?
  • Is the range of services clear and understandable?

Keyword research tools help agencies in their work. Here it can be determined which specific keywords the target group uses most frequently in the month.

Use of META Title & Description, also called Snippet

An SEO text not only consists of the actual text, but must also contain a meaningful title and description. Because these are also displayed when searching in Google, next to the first two or three lines of text. This preview is set by the website owner or even the agency itself and thus it increases the probability of what exactly is displayed:

  • Short and concise content so that the underlying SEO text comes into its own.
  • Snippet should encourage further reading
  • No special HTML characters such as check marks or arrows
  • Title length no more than 70 characters, preferably less than 50
  • Length Description max. 150 characters, preferably less than 120

Limiting the number of characters serves to ensure that searchers can see the title and description in full on mobile devices.

Length of SEO texts

There are currently no exact specifications as to how long an SEO text should be. First of all, it should be noted that the text is highly informative and up-to-date. Only what interests the searcher will be clicked at the end. More complex topics can quickly reach around 1500 to 2000 words in a text. Simpler topics only need maybe 300 words. The content of the text should not leave any questions unanswered and thus deal with everything related to the topic as far as possible. However, studies have also shown that texts with a word count of around 2000 are more frequently displayed in the ranking. It is assumed that those searching for longer texts tend to have the feeling that the topic has really been dealt with and that all questions have been answered.

Advice from an agency can be beneficial for the operator of a website have an extremely positive effect, since she knows exactly which criteria the searcher has to meet thanks to years of experience.

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