Severin KA 4808 in the test - coffee primer

Severin KA 4808 in the test – coffee primer

Testing the Severin KA 4808: Read our test report on the Severin KA 4808 here and compare it with other coffee machines.

Severin KA 4808 – test report

With the KA 4808, Severin supplies a compact filter coffee machine for around 30 euros, with which a maximum of 4 cups can be prepared. The processing is decent and the coffee quality also convinced us in the test. Only the permanent filter and the cumbersome use of the (too large) paper filter cost points.

Severin coffee machines

Severin is one of the most important manufacturers of filter coffee machines on the German market. The brand name promises tradition, but the devices are actually usually produced in China today. The range of coffee machines is huge and so does Severin alone over 30 different models in the range. The prices range from just under 20 euros to the three-digit range.

At the end of the day, however, many devices often only differ in terms of design or features. the Severin KA 4808 tested here is the exception, because this is actually a special feature in the range. The KA 4808 is one compact coffee machine and primarily intended for single households or occasional drinkers. In the test, we want to check whether the quality is right despite the small amount of coffee.


With the external dimensions of 19 x 14 x 27 centimeters and a total weight of just 1.1 kilograms, the Severin KA 4808 looks almost like a toy next to other devices. Nevertheless, this is of course a fully-fledged filter coffee machine, which at least has up to 750 watts of power picks up. The water tank is easy to see and has a scale with 4 cups, which corresponds to half a liter.

The enclosed filter basket can be placed in the swiveling filter basket Permanent filter or a paper filter size 1×2 be used. The filter basket is equipped with a drip-stop mechanism, which should also allow the coffee pot to be removed prematurely.

The jug is made of glass and has also been provided with a matching 4-cup scale. The pot is placed on a hot plate so that the freshly brewed coffee stays hot longer. As long as the KA 4808 is switched on, the heating plate is also active. After about minutes, however the integrated automatic switch-off active.

In view of the small size, it works Price of around 30 euros maybe steep, because you can get full-grown models for significantly less money. Therefore, next we will take a closer look at the processing of the Severin KA 4808 and see if it is worth the money in practice.

Test result – compact and high-quality

At first glance, the Severin KA 4808 not only appears very compact, but also of high quality. This is probably primarily due to the stainless steel applications in combination with the shiny black plastic. But it’s not just the design, because the build quality is also consistent. It is no plastic smell or similar and the brewed coffee does not taste funny even when used for the first time. However, precisely because of the low weight, we would have bought a few Rubber feet on the bottom desired. This was dispensed with and so the Severin KA 4808 slides cheerfully over the smooth work surface with every movement.

Despite the compact design, everyday handling is more or less the same as that of a normal-sized coffee machine. However, it is a bit more fiddly when inserting paper filters. Namely, even filters of the size 1×2 are a tad too big and must also be folded. The supplied permanent filter is of course an alternative, but then it has to be washed as well. The cleaning of the coffee machine itself is done quickly and also one Descaling is uncomplicated.

The coffee from the Severin KA 4808 tastes good and, above all, is really hot. In view of the small quantities here, this is not a matter of course. Because the “4 cups” on the scale are formulated relatively generously. In normal coffee cups, the amount is probably the same more like 3 cups. For the typical single or senior household, however, this is probably absolutely sufficient. Incidentally, we clearly prefer paper filters, because when using the permanent filter, some of it ends up Ground coffee in the pot. If that doesn’t bother you, you can still use the permanent filter. In any case, the taste is no worse.

Test conclusion – perfect for singles

The Severin KA 4808 should be a very good option for small kitchens and households. It is relatively cheap and pleasantly compact, looks good and does not disappoint in the crucial discipline – the coffee is very hot and tastes good. The only major disadvantage here is the lack of flexibility. In any case, the Severin KA 4808 is very difficult to provide for a coffee break with many guests.