Smartphone accessories: 5 useful essentials for the most important everyday companion

Smartphone accessories: 5 useful essentials for the most important everyday companion

But also spontaneously planning a route, a bet365 offer code Pulling it from the internet and using it directly or googling for a good restaurant for the evening is something nobody would want to do without. Many people can no longer imagine going through everyday life without a smartphone.

It is all the more important to treat the small electronic device with care. After all, falls or water damage can quickly destroy the most important everyday gadget. But it doesn’t just make sense to protect your smartphone in terms of physical security. There are many useful essentials that enhance the great functions of the smartphone.

1. Protective film for the display

If you your smartphone carrying a lot in your pocket, tossing it in your purse or backpack, and repeatedly dropping it carelessly on different surfaces, you should protect it thoroughly. A film for your display can protect against scratches and cracks. There are even protective films that provide anti-reflective coating or privacy protection for the display. However, you have to put up with a slight darkening of the display. If you just want protection without changing the properties of your touchscreen or its appearance, choose a clear protective film such as an ultra-clear film made of wafer-thin plastic. These are available for little money and extend the life of your device. Armor foil is also recommended, as it provides maximum protection.

2. Bumper for case protection

The smartphone quickly slipped out of your hand and could then break at the corners. In some cases, falls can also cause cracks to appear on the display. With a bumper made of silicone, you can protect your smartphone and cushion falls effectively. There are colored bumpers as well as transparent ones, with which you only marginally change the actual look of your smartphone. Such a bumper can improve the longevity of your smartphone enormously and is therefore an indispensable essential for everything to do with your smartphone. You can also spice up the look of your smartphone with a colored or patterned bumper.

3. Mobile phone chain

Mobile phone chains became fashionable a few years ago. They are nothing more than a cell phone case with eyelets attached through which a long cord goes. With this, the smartphone can then be hung around the neck. If you use your smartphone a lot, a mobile phone chain has the advantage that your hands remain free. You don’t always have to reach into your handbag to pull out your smartphone. In addition, thieves cannot easily snatch your smartphone out of your hand if, for example, you are taking a picture with it on the street. Mobile phone chains are available in different colors, which makes them a fashionable accessory at the same time.

4. Interchangeable lens for smartphone camera

With an interchangeable lens for the smartphone camera, you can improve your camera performance many times over. These are attachments that you put over the camera of your smartphone and with which you can then photographically implement various settings such as wide angle, zoom or sharpness/blurr even better. If the quality of your camera is not enough for you and you do not want to buy an additional digital camera, an additional lens is the best choice.

5. Smartphone case with integrated charging function or power bank

The battery is the heart of your smartphone. Even the best device is useless without a fully charged battery. So make sure you never run out of power and get yourself a power bank. This allows you to charge your cell phone on the go without a socket. Depending on the capacity of the power bank, several charging processes are even possible. There are power banks that fit in your pocket and therefore take up little space. They are simply connected to the smartphone with a small cable via USB and then give you the power you need when and where you need it. It is crucial that you also charge the power bank regularly, of course. A smartphone case with an integrated charging function is even more practical. As with a charging cradle, the smartphone only has to be inserted and your battery is (almost) never empty again.

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