Solar Energy: The tangible benefits of solar power

Solar Energy: The tangible benefits of solar power

A photovoltaic system fits on (almost) every roof

Provided that the house roof has a sufficiently large area, then a solar system can be mounted on almost any roof without any problems. The prerequisites that applied in the early days of the technology – roof pitch angle of 30 to 35 degrees plus orientation to the south – still deliver the optimum energy – but they are no longer a prerequisite for profitable operation. On the contrary: The urgency of sustainable climate protection, especially in energy production, has already prompted some federal states to adopt a “solar obligation” for all new buildings and all existing buildings whose roofs are being renovated. The federal government has initiated a draft law for a nationwide obligation to install PV systems.

Investing in solar energy pays off financially

Your own solar power is cheaper than any tariff from an electricity provider. You generally pay more than double, sometimes even triple, for electricity from the grid. In addition, you are protected against increases in the long term. Depending on the size of the respective photovoltaic system and individual consumption, the investment costs are amortized after an average of ten years. Also because you can feed excess electricity into the grid for a fixed fee. At the same time, the federal and state governments are promoting the purchase of photovoltaic systems and electricity storage systems with grants and low-interest loans, so that the financial burden is “stretched” over time.

Solar energy and electricity storage ensure independence

With a holistic system consisting of a photovoltaic system and electricity storage, you can usually cover more than two-thirds of your electricity consumption from your own production. The power storage guarantees that you also have light when it has long been dark outside and that you can take a hot shower even in winter. Your balance will be even better if you choose to work with a high-performing solar cloud provider decide. The solar cloud is a kind of huge electricity storage that is filled by many self-sufficient solar power producers. If your own production is no longer sufficient for your needs at a certain point in time, you can retrieve your additional requirements from the memory. Additional benefits for you as a homeowner:

– You are 100% independent of electricity from the grid.

– You can become a member of powerful solar cloud providers at any time.

– Access is compatible with all complete PV and storage systems.

A solar system increases the value of the property

A good solar system with the appropriate performance has a positive effect on the property value. In particular, buyers of existing properties are willing to pay significantly more money for a house if it has a photovoltaic system on the roof. It also plays a not insignificant role that solar modules are certified to have an average service life of 20 to 25 years. And: An in-house charging station operated with solar power also increases the attractiveness of the property under the sign of increasing e-mobility.


Investing in a solar system is a safe investment in the future for homeowners. You benefit directly from low energy prices and attractive federal and state subsidies. A complete system with electricity storage ensures long-term independence from the rising prices of network providers and has a positive effect on the value of the property. As part of the promotion of e-mobility, the solar power from the home charging station ensures that you can actually get behind the wheel of your car with a clear conscience electric cars can put. Solar energy is practical climate protection with many advantages.

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