Suspected or confirmed corona case in the company: Act correctly in eight steps

Suspected or confirmed corona case in the company: Act correctly in eight steps

Corona virus case at BMW Munich – this is just an announcement that proves that the corona virus has also reached large corporations. The Bavarian automobile manufacturer then informed the workforce about this Corona case and ordered almost 150 employees who had contact with the infected employee to work from home. The offices of the sick person and his work colleagues were locked and disinfected. The virus has now also arrived at Audi in Ingolstadt.

At the beginning of March, an Allgäu mechanical engineering group, in consultation with the health department, decided that it was scarce 1600 employees should not come to work for the time beingafter a work colleague was infected with the corona virus. Every day, other companies are faced with the question of how to react correctly in their own company in the event of a confirmed corona case or a suspected case.

Suspected or confirmed corona case in the company: How to act correctly

A suspected case exists when a person

  • Symptoms of a corona infection shows and
  • has been in a risk area up to 14 days before the onset of the illness or
  • had contact with a sick person.

If a suspicion arises, you as an employer should take these measures:

Step 1: Consult the occupational health service or family doctor

The Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce recommends that companies first contact the occupational health service or family doctor in the event of a suspected case. The respective doctor informs the responsible health authority about the suspected case.

Step 2: Get the health department involved

If you have an employee in the company who is suspected of having a corona infection, you should contact the responsible health authority immediately. This is responsible for reporting the case and ordering further measures. The health department will also tell you what steps you need to take.

Tip: On the website of the Robert Koch Institute find out the contact details of the responsible health authorityby entering the city or postal code.

Step 3: Cooperate with the health department

The health department registers the name of the infected person and arranges laboratory tests. In addition, the sick employee must indicate which contacts he has maintained in the last few days. The health department can then order a home quarantine for the contact persons identified if they show symptoms but are not seriously ill.

4th step: Take protective measures for the other employees

If there is a suspected or confirmed case in your company, you should take protective measures for the other employees. If other employees also show symptoms of corona disease such as cough, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea, you should send those affected home. As a further protective measure, you can also enable employees who have no symptoms of illness to work from home.

Step 5: Place the affected person in an isolated room

Further instructions for action result from the manual for company pandemic planning. Accordingly, you must accommodate the person concerned in an isolated room until they drive home or are transported to the hospital. Ideally, the employee wears a breathing mask and does not go to other work areas to minimize the risk of infection for others.

Step 6: Medical staff

The medical staff who look after the sick person protect themselves with special clothing that has been worn once.

Step 7: Ventilate, clean and disinfect the work area

In addition, you must arrange cleaning measures. Accordingly, the work room in which the person concerned has stayed must be closed to other people. You instruct the cleaning staff to ventilate this room extensively and to clean and disinfect the work surfaces. Door handles and cabinet openers should also be included in the cleaning process.

Step 8: Inform the HR department about the absence of the employee

You also inform the HR department, which must organize a replacement for the absent employee.

As a company, you should always act in consultation with the health department and take protective measures for employees if you are confronted with a corona case or suspected case.

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