Switch off internet advertising – It’s that easy!

Switch off internet advertising – It’s that easy!

According to a forecast by Magnaglobal the online advertising market will grow to 118 billion US dollars worldwide. This means that spending on Internet advertising has more than tripled in the last ten years. In Germany alone, sales in 2010 amounted to more than five billion euros. Unfortunately, this popular communication channel for companies often means frustration for Internet users. The advertising banners often distract from the essential content.

The easiest way to circumvent flashing, glowing and pop-up advertising on the Internet is to use so-called “ad blockers”. The annoying advertisements can be hidden by browser plug-ins. Another post has already shown various ways in which you can switch off Internet advertising. In this article you will find the best free plugins for your favorite browser.

Turn off internet ads in Firefox

Firefox provides an add-on called “AdBlock Plus”. To get to the installations, we go to the add-ons under the menu item Extras. There we look for “AdBlock Plus” in the current version 2.2.1 and click on install. Upon completion, a new window will open where we can choose the filter settings.

Normally, the “EasyList” filter should be preset here, which is perfectly adequate. After activation, a large part of the Internet advertising is now switched off. Tip: On the website of AdBlock Plus we can download additional, country-specific filters, which are then added to the existing add-on.

Turn off internet ads in Google Chrome

An extension from the same manufacturer is also available for the Google Chrome browser. Installing AdBlock Plus for Chrome is far easier than Firefox.

Just this one Link to site of the provider, click on “Install AdBlock Plus” and the extension will be automatically integrated into the browser. From now on, a small icon with the logo (stop sign with the letters ABP) will appear in the URL input field of Google Chrome. This guarantees us that annoying advertising is a thing of the past.

Turn off internet advertising in Internet Explorer

The best solution for switching off annoying ads in Internet Explorer is the “Adblock IE” plug-in. This can be found on the website of the Open source project CodePlex be downloaded. After downloading the “Adblock Installer”, activation is self-explanatory and the plug-in is automatically added to the browser. The presets can be adjusted later as needed.

Turn off internet ads in Safari

The “AdBlock for Safari” offers you for Internet users with the Safari browser. The installation is very simple. The extension can be downloaded from the safariadblock.com site.

Then look for the “AdBlockForSafari.safariextz” file in the download folder and double-click on the mouse to install it. After a few seconds, the extension should be visible next to the input bar in the browser and adjustments can be made in the settings. With the “AdBlock for Safari”, text advertising blocks from Google & Co. can even be shown or hidden if desired.

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