The Impact of a Business Christmas Card

The Impact of a Business Christmas Card

Personal Christmas card to business customers: It’s worth the effort!

During the Christmas season, many entrepreneurs ask themselves how they should send their customers Christmas greetings. Inexpensive by e-mail or in the classic way with a Christmas card? There is much to be said for continuing to rely on the Christmas mail. Although designing and sending Christmas cards involves a great deal of effort, freelancers and companies achieve a lasting effect with this form.

Classic Christmas mail better than email

The advantages of business Christmas cards sent by post compared to e-mails are obvious. Christmas mail, which the recipients take out of their mailboxes, attracts attention. The sender can be sure that someone responsible in the company will open the letter with the card and read the content. Nobody guarantees that with e-mails. In the worst case, the addressees don’t register a Christmas email, they put it unseen in the virtual wastebasket. In addition, a business Christmas card offers a variety of options for conveying the desired company image. In this way, companies with high-quality and creatively designed cards convey the exclusive and innovative impression that customers should receive.

What message do companies want to convey with the Christmas card?

As a first step, companies should consider what they want to achieve with their Christmas mail. Basically, the greeting cards serve to maintain business relationships. In detail, the objectives differ depending on the type of previous relationships. At best, companies divide the recipients into several groups and formulate a suitable message for each:

– Regular customers with regular sales: Here the focus is on saying thank you for the partnership.
– Customers with irregular sales: senders can use the Christmas mail to work towards strengthening relationships.
– Business partners with long-ago orders: The Christmas cards are a great way to remind yourself. The aim is to revitalize customer relationships.

Individualize Christmas cards: Personal contact is important

With a standard text, companies minimize their effort, but also the effect. As with Christmas greetings in general, senders should spend more time and money to exploit the marketing potential of Christmas cards. Specifically, this means:

– different texts for different target groups
– a personal salutation with name (depending on the contact with “Sie” or “Du”)
– At least signed by hand, at best formulate the entire text by hand
– If necessary, respond to personal matters (greetings to the family and the like)

Invest in a quality business Christmas card

The quality of the Christmas mail should also be convincing, in terms of both the look and the feel. At best, companies order their business Christmas cards from professional printers and opt for attractive and exclusive tickets. At many printers, you can choose between numerous appealing motifs and several types of paper. For an extra charge, you can secure paper types such as mother-of-pearl or fine linen structure, these types of paper stand out positively from the crowd! As soon as they touch it, the recipient will notice that it is a first-class Christmas card.

Send the Christmas mail at the ideal time

Last, not least: When is the best time for companies to send Christmas greetings? You should note that many companies have Christmas holidays. Postal delays due to the large volume of letters also deserve consideration. Experts therefore recommend sending the Christmas cards about seven to ten days in advance christmas eve to send off Better too early than too late: A timely inbox ensures that the recipient pays full attention to the message and that it doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle before the holidays or during the holidays.

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