These are the best superfoods for summer

These are the best superfoods for summer

This tuber provides strength and zest for action

Summer has various effects on the body with heat and sunshine. The right superfoods support inner relaxation and offer the perfect supply for the summer. The diet guarantees freshness from within and can even counteract heat sensitivity. One of these substances is beetroot. It helps the tired body get back on its feet. In fact, beetroot revitalizes the bloodstream and keeps cells functioning at full power.

Sage reduces sweating

Superfood can also be used against sweating. A healthy food that can reduce sweating is fresh sage. The plant can ensure that only half of the sweat is formed. For this, however, at least one liter of sage tea must be consumed per day. In the ice tea version, however, this offers the perfect cooling. Other superfoods can also work against sweating. on there is a detailed overview of the most diverse foods with extra power.

Blueberries ensure the bikini figure

If you want to cut a good figure in a bikini or swimming trunks, you should include blueberries in your summer menu. It not only offers the body many vitamins, but also a sweet treat that does not make you fat. The opposite is the case: as a US study found out, the berries activate the body’s own burning of sugar and fat.

Tomatoes are good for the skin

The tomato is also one of the great tips for the summer. The red fruit contains lycopene. This substance can reduce the risk of sunburn by a good third. In addition, enjoying the tomato ensures a gently rosy complexion. This is not only healthy for the skin. It also looks natural and attractive. The superfood can thus also positively increase the external appearance of people.

Pomegranates also care for the skin

Another superfood that nourishes the skin is the pomegranate. The so-called ellagic acid is found in the red seeds of the fruit. Anti-inflammatory properties are also attributed to it, as well as a protective function against UV light. Anyone who regularly drinks fresh pomegranate juice or eats the seeds with a summer salad can benefit from the properties of the fruit.

Nuts provide strong connective tissue

But you shouldn’t just protect your skin against the sun’s rays. Long-term care of the connective tissue also has a positive effect on its appearance. The right superfood for this are nuts and almonds. They contain a high proportion of healthy vegetable fats. This strengthens the cohesion of the tissue under the skin in a natural way and successfully ensures stable and resilient skin

Buttermilk calms the stomach

Kefir, buttermilk and fresh yoghurt are also among the summer superfoods. They ensure fresh enjoyment and maintain the health of the intestines. This improves digestion on the one hand and strengthens the body’s immune system on the other. As a drink, the buttermilk fills you up in the afternoon sun like a small meal, without giving the body a lot of energy. That is why it is appreciated by many consumers, especially in summer.

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