Treating circulatory disorders in dogs homeopathically

Treating circulatory disorders in dogs homeopathically

circulatory disorders in dogs

With increasing age, among other things, the insufficient blood flow to organs or limbs also increases in dogs. In addition, circulatory disorders can also occur as a result of illnesses or injuries. Older dogs have the most problems.

The walls of the blood vessels lose their elasticity, which changes the flow of blood. The flow properties of the blood also change and thus cause additional problems that can manifest themselves as a result of a lack of oxygen in the brain and the organs as well as the muscles.

The effects are reflected in the vitality of the dog. The dog will become more withdrawn as it no longer feels well and may suddenly wake up from the deepest sleep during the night because it is cold or not getting enough air. Dogs that disturb their owners’ sleep at night could also suffer from a circulatory disorder.

All bodily functions depend on good blood circulation and all healing processes also require good blood circulation. Limbs that go to sleep or slower reactions are then also side effects of this disorder.

In the case of circulatory disorders, the heart should be examined by the veterinarian to rule out the possibility of heart disease. Circulatory disorders are not only uncomfortable for the dog, but can also cause organ damage if z. B. the adrenal cortex is thereby damaged.

Homeopathy for dogs with circulatory disorders

An absolute basic remedy for better blood circulation in homeopathy is gingko biloba. The remedy has also been used in Chinese medicine for many centuries to improve blood circulation and works quite well as a homeopathic dilution in low potencies.

carbo vegetable also helps in increasing blood flow as well crateguswhich also supports cardiac output at the same time. aesculus, secale cronutum, Phosphorus, aurum, lachesis are also remedies that can be used for disorders of blood circulation. The remedies are used in low potencies 6X, in the case of gingko and crategus also as a mother tincture, and administered several times a day. To do this, the agent is diluted with a little water and given directly into the mouth.

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