Use SEO for your online shop or blog with expert help

Use SEO for your online shop or blog with expert help

What is SEO and why is it so important for your website?

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Actually, it should be called “optimization for search engines”, because that’s what SEO is all about: websites, articles, shops and much more are easily found by common search engines with the help of SEO optimization and are displayed as high as possible in the search results. With the large number of websites and online shops, this is immensely important, because a website that is not among the top hits is visited less frequently: Less traffic also means fewer potential customers or subscribers. In most cases, the success of a website does not only depend on user-friendliness, attractive graphics and a corresponding offer: SEO often decides on success or failure. Dirk Schiff from takes over your search engine optimization and ensures that your homepage is at the top of the search results of Google and Co.

Things to know about search engine optimization

In order to be displayed as high as possible in the Google ranking, your website can be optimized in a variety of ways (in Germany, Google is the predominant search engine with a market share of almost 90%, which is why Google is usually automatically targeted in this country). The most common practice is using so-called keywords, which are used by Internet users when searching. For example, if you write about cats in your blog, you can use related keywords such as cats, velvet paws, pets, pet food, and more. Alternatively, optimization for video searches, image searches or news searches is also possible. Experts also differentiate between on-page and off-page optimization. The former includes, for example, improving the meta elements or the keywords already mentioned. Off-page optimization refers to placing backlinks and mentions of your website on other sites.

How does Google determine its search engine ranking

The goal of Google is to find as many suitable hits as possible for the respective search query as quickly as possible. For this purpose, the search engine uses a gigantic extensive “online library” from which it filters out the most relevant results. To do this, Google uses a algorithm: This takes particular account of the factors relevance and popularity of the hits. In this context, the following criteria for the algorithm play a role:

• The content on the site
• Backlinks on other sites
• The length of time the user stayed on the page

SEO is a complex subject that cannot simply be managed on the side. Anyone who really wants to reach the broadest possible target group of Internet users with their website is well advised to hire a competent SEO expert.

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