what are the differences for a company?

For many, the line is often blurred between the marketing and the communication. We realize this every day and find that most companies only see the tip of the marketing iceberg, namely communication. But then, how to define these 2 notions? And above all how to use it, especially when it comes to choosing the right service provider for your business problem: communication agency Where marketing agency ? Don’t panic, Jappuru will enlighten you on the subject…

What is marketing used for in a business?

Let’s try to make it simple but precise: marketing is a set of methods. Its objective: to seek determine product offering and services according to the expectations and attitudes of different targetsand to facilitate the marketing and the marketing under profit conditions in line with the company’s positioning and business model.

The mission of the marketing function is therefore to create the offer of products and/or services according to the strategy of the company, by:

  • studying his environment through market analysis and competitive and sectoral benchmarking using various tools and techniques;
  • defining targets and segments likely to consume the products or services offered by the company.

Marketing will then formalize the market access strategy in the marketing mix, the ancestral 4 Ps have become 7, sometimes even 10!

  • Product : what the company sells and offers, tangible product or intangible service
  • Price : the pricing policy including pricing mechanisms (options, package, etc.)
  • Square : distribution channels
  • Promotion : sales organization, advertising communication, sales promotion etc.
  • Personal : because individuals influence the service provided (after-sales service for example)
  • Process: the strategy put in place for the sale of the product, in particular
  • Evidence: tangible proof that the product is able to satisfy customers

Last step: formalize a marketing plan in which we find the objectives, the budget, the schedule, the levers and the monitoring indicators. This plan can be built over 1, 3 or 5 years, and will be broken down into CAP (commercial action plan) annual report in order to have a more detailed vision of the actions included in each objective of the strategic marketing plan.

What is the purpose of communication in companies, VSEs, SMEs or large groups?

Communication, on the other hand, encompasses many means and techniques used by a company to gain notoriety, publicize its products or services, shape its image, attract potential customers, retain them. Objective: to exert a positive influence on the behavior of (future) buyers.

Within communication itself, the specialties are plural: press, institutional, various media, graphic design, digital, and many others!

The heart of the communication strategy is to find the best combination of communication channels to achieve marketing goals. Like marketing, it requires planning materialized in a communication plan (budget, schedule, targets, etc.). Service providers in the communication market are often very specialized: web agencies, digital agencies, graphic designers, event agencies, social media agencies, press agencies, etc. But it is up to the manager to engage upstream in a marketing approach, internal or external, according to his own commercial objectives in order to gain in efficiency and profitability in his communication actions.


To sum up: marketing and communication, complementary roles

To cut to the chase, marketing involves a strategic planning starting from the product/service until its promotion on one or more markets and it is this last part that the communication supports.

The marketing approach is located upstream of communication because without a marketing strategy, communication loses effectiveness and above all does not meet the strategic objectives of the company. It is in this sense that they are very complementary fields. Besides, marketing agencies and communication agencies very often work together in order to support the entire chain.


So, should you choose a communication service provider or a marketing agency?

From the point of view of the manager of VSE or SME (and not only him), the notions of marketing and communication are often mixed. This is the reason why a manager of a VSE or SME must clearly define his state of progress and his problem in order to call either on a marketing agency, which will accompany him on the strategy, the offer and the marketing , or to a communication agency which will allow him in particular to conceptualize and put to music the messages to reach his targets in different ways.

When Jappuru, as a marketing agency, is questioned by a companyit is often for a communication need given that, as we have seen, it is the most visible and operational part. In our approach, we systematically determine whether the communication needs expressed are the most effective with regard to the company strategy, its competitive issues, the solidity of its offer, the validity of its distribution channels, the consistency of its pricing strategy, the relevance of its targets, etc. Because it is not a question of doing communication for fun, given the budgets that this implies, but of checking whether all the marketing is aligned and built. Final objective: to allow the offer to meet its market and its customers in the best conditions!