What does a job reference look like if the probationary period was not passed?

What does a job reference look like if the probationary period was not passed?

Already in the first weeks of work you will notice that your new employee is practically unable to carry out the simplest tasks correctly and without errors:

  • almost half a working day is needed for a letter based on keywords,
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Documents are not assigned to the corresponding processes,
  • communication with customers is not courteous and polite.

probationary assessment

Since there is no general protection against dismissal in the first six months, the first half year is counted as a probationary period. If you now want to dismiss an employee during the probationary period, it must be clear why the employee is not suitable for the task(s) intended for him. There may also be reasons for a possible separation other than work performance:

  • no integration into the department
  • little or no acceptance by customers, colleagues, superiors
  • professional competence is not sufficient

In a probationary period appraisal interview, you should tell the employee the reasons why you cannot continue the employment relationship beyond the probationary period. Don’t be cowardly and tell a weak employee where and when their performance is lacking and that you see separation as the only sensible course of action for both parties.

Keep a record of the conversation and give a copy to the employee. So he can’t claim later that he didn’t know anything.

assessment of short employment relationships

The question of a work reference is inevitable. The employee can choose between a simple or a qualified job reference.

With a simple job reference, there are hardly any problems. In it you describe the type and duration of the employment relationship and provide information about the tasks assigned and activities carried out. Make sure that you do not make any performance or behavioral assessments.

Job reference Sample for a simple job reference:

Ms. Susi Müßiggang, born on August 27th, 1989, worked in our company from October 15th, 2008 to December 31st, 2008 as secretary to the advertising manager.
She had to carry out the following tasks:

  • Organization of the secretariat and filing
  • Preparation and processing of the chief mail
  • Correspondence based on keywords, dictation and templates
  • Appointment coordination, planning and monitoring
  • Organization of business trips and travel expense accounting
  • telephone service
  • Reception of visitors and customers

Model City, 12/31/2008
Signature 1 Signature 2
Advertising Manager Human Resources Manager

A performance and behavior assessment is part of a qualified job reference

Here you have to think carefully about the assessment of performance and behavior you formulate. On the one hand you have to inform truthfully, on the other hand you have to make a benevolent assessment. That is not easy.

Have you actively supported the new employee’s induction and compared the requirements with the actual work performance every month and given the employee the opportunity to compensate for his deficits? And did you record these conversations in writing? Then you have a good basis for issuing a suitable qualified job reference. If the employee has produced nothing more than poor results or behavior, you cannot avoid making a satisfactory, sufficient or poor assessment.

Job reference Sample for a qualified job reference (satisfactory to sufficient)

The first part up to the task description see simple certificate, then further:

Ms. Müßiggang has an acceptable level of specialist knowledge that she can also implement. She grasped the essentials and has a strong sense of order. She got along well with the word processing and communication techniques usual for a secretariat. She worked largely independently and on schedule. She showed willingness to learn from mistakes and change her behavior. She did not avoid conflict.

It was evenly resilient and up to the demands. Mrs. Müßiggang carried out all the work assigned to her to our satisfaction. She was always punctual and reliable. Her leadership was impeccable. Her behavior towards our customers was also not objectionable. The employment relationship ended on December 31, 2008. We wish her all the best for the future.

Model City, 12/31/2008
Signature 1 Signature 2
Advertising Manager Human Resources Manager

Recommendation for job reference after failed probationary period

Always try to be fair and just in your judgment. In this way, you can also issue qualified job references for short employment relationships that end before the end of the probationary period. Achievements, competence and behavior can only be assessed subjectively, because every person uses different assessment standards for comparable situations, which contain subjective criteria.

It is possible to judge objectively and fairly. And in the event of a contradiction, the minutes of the conversation give you a good basis to justify your assessment as truthful.

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