What is the best prepaid card? – Better

The best map banking prepaid is that of the neobank Nickel. Accessible to all without income conditions, you can obtain this map banking prepaid rechargeable at a tobacconist and directly online for a price of €20 per year.

Where are the Free terminals?

The Free terminals are available in self-service and are present in many points of sale in France….Where to find a thick headed interactive Free ?

  • In all stores Free.
  • In shopping malls.
  • At a partner Free such as Maison de la Presse, Mag Presse, etc.

Where to buy a Free chip? It is possible to order a new card SIM in the terminals Free self service. Card renewals SIM-Free are charged €10. It is also possible to order an eSIM. Free does not offer cards SIM triple cut.

Where to buy a Free package? Visit our mobile website.free.fr or on one of our terminals Freepresent in self-service in all stores Free and with our partners throughout France. Select the offer of your choice and follow the instructions.

What is a Free terminal? Self-service accessible in our stores Free and partner shops, these terminals allow you to easily take out a package, a subscription or to perform certain actions related to your subscription.

How long does it take to receive a SIM Free card?

the help delivery of the Free SIM card is of 4 working days after subscription of your mobile offer Free.

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How to get a Free SIM card quickly?

As part of a renewal of SIM card via a terminal, you must bring your identifiers Free Mobile. In the event of loss or theft of your SIMthe automatic terminal provides you with a new map directly, this allows you to avoid postal delays after a request to customer service Free.

What is the price of a SIM Free card?

What whatever your subscription, the costs of your SIM card (or eSIM) are of 10 euros, to be paid by map banking during your registration (from the site or on a terminal Free). In the event of loss or theft of your SIM cardyou can order another one.

How to have a SIM card without subscription?

To buy a SIM card prepaid card and/or mobile top-up, you can choose to go to resellers (tobacco shops, bookstores, supermarkets) or to operator shops. You can also buy them online, on your operator’s website.

Can I put my old SIM card in my new phone?

If you have kept your number telephone you can keep your old sim card as long as it has not been deactivated in favor of the news. Regarding the activation of the newsyou had to do it yourself.

What are the Free offers at the moment?

Freebox + Mobile

  • Freebox mini 4K. €99. for 1 year then €34.99/month. …
  • Freebox Pop. €99. for 1 year, then €39.99/month. …
  • Freebox Revolution. €99. for 1 year, then €44.99/month. …
  • Freebox Delta. €99. for 1 year, then €49.99/month. …
  • Freebox mini 4K. €99. for 1 year then €34.99/month. …
  • Freebox Pop. €99. for 1 year, then €39.99/month.

How to get a €1 phone?

To be able to benefit from a telephone at 1 euro, you must subscribe to a mobile plan with a 12 or 24 month commitment. Packages with telephone at 1 euro have advantages and disadvantages, so you have to choose what is best for you and your budget.

What is the best Free Mobile plan?

Free Mobile plan 110 GB: the best packageready for 5G. free mobile beef up its proposal and offers a well thought-out offer at €12.99 with 110 GB of data for mainland France and 12 GB (to be deducted from the 110 GB envelope) of data usable from Europe and the overseas departments.

Where to buy SIM card Free 2 euros?

Once on the online store of Free Mobile, go to the “packages” tab. Then choose the plan 2 euro free. By clicking on “choose”, you will be redirected to the subscription page. You are asked to choose between a SIM card alone or one SIM card and a mobile plan.

Which document for Free terminal?

Subscription is immediate and the SIM card is already activated, ready to use (for non-simlocked phones). What are the necessary documents and supporting documents for registration from Free terminal ? All you need is a credit card and a valid eMail address.

How to take out a telephone subscription with Free?

Free subscription: How? ‘Or’ What to subscribe to Free by telephone ? Subscription number Free : the 1044! To subscribe to an offer Free by telephonecontact 1044. You can become a new customer Free mobile or Freebox by telephone.

Who delivers SIM Free cards?

Your SIM card will be delivered to you by post within days who follow. You will need to activate it from your Subscriber Area.

Who delivers SIM Free card?

The delivery of SIM cards is entrusted to our carrier UPS and it is carried out at your company’s headquarters within 48 working hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.).

What is the difference between micro SIM and nano SIM?

What is the difference between micro SIM and nano SIM?

Map nano-SIM or card micro-SIM : what is here difference ? The difference the most striking Between a map nano-SIM and a map micro-SIM so is the size. 2.7 millimeters in length, 3.2 millimeters in width and 0.06 millimeters in thickness separate the two formats.

Are all SIM cards compatible?

Are all SIM cards compatible?

From the Mini to the Nano, several formats of SIM cards coexist today in the market, and each model of phone or smartphone will be compatible with one and not with the other.

Can we buy a phone in a Free store?

The shops of Free now offer the direct sale of smartphones. At the same time that his Free Flex, the operator Free brought a great novelty to its Free Centers. He is now possible toto buy a smartphone in shop and leave with.

When the SIM card no longer works?

Make sure that the support of the SIM card is completely closed and that it not move not. If you are using media SIM card another model of iPhone or iPad, or another phone manufacturer, it is possible that it not fits not properly. Try using another SIM card.

What is the cheapest Free plan?

The best package not dear Free is the package 5G at €19.99/month. He is at €9.99 for subscribers Freebox Pop and $15.99 with any what other Freebox.

How to get the Free package at 9 99?

You understood it: to be able to benefit from the exceptional rate of 9,99 €/month on the Free plan Unlimited 4G+ mobile, you must subscribe without obligation to the brand new Freebox Pop.

Why outside the Free 2 euro package?

They can then lead to an invoicing exceptpackage. The main causes are sending SMS+ or MMS+, sending or receiving calls and SMS abroad, using Internet services (DATA) abroad and special numbers.

What is the price of a SIM card?

The sim cards are rarely free in the plans of major operators. With most major operators (SFR, Bouygues, Orange, etc.), the SIM card is paying. The price vary between 1 and 10€.

How to buy tobacco SIM card?

How to buy tobacco SIM card?

A prepaid card can simply be purchased at an office in tobacco. You will find there the SIM cards of the main market operators. All tobacconists can sell SIM cards prepaid. However, according to the office of tobacco where you are going, the same offers are not offered.

Are the photos on the SIM card?

Are the photos on the SIM card?

Unlike phone contacts, Pictures accessible on your phone are not stored on the memory of the SIM card. The Pictures that you have taken or received are stored directly on the internal memory of your smartphone or on the map memory of it.

How not to lose your contacts by changing operator?

2.2) With a phone android Go to the app contacts. Click Manage contacts. Then select Export or Import/Export depending on your phone model. Click Import contacts since the SIM card.

What is stored on the SIM card?

The SIM cards contain a mobile phone number, carrier information, billing information, and address book.

How to change SIM card at Free?

How replace my sim card ?

  1. Go to your Customer Area.
  2. Select the ” My Mobile Fleet”. Choose the settings for the line concerned.
  3. Click on » Replace the SIM card “.
  4. Get a new one Free SIM card Pro.

How to use the Free terminal?

The Free terminal mobile for subscribers Free This service will be charged €10 per Free. Payment of your latest bills. It is recently possible to pay his latest invoices by credit card directly from a Free terminal.

How do I change the Free plan?

How do I change the Free plan?

the change of one Free package is done from his subscriber area. Once identified and from the home page, simply: Click on To change of package. Validate your choice via To change of Free package (for the package 19.99) or Validate and order the line (for the package 2€).

How do I pay an unpaid Free invoice?

Contact us by phone at 3244 (call included from a line Freebox) and identify yourself using your hotline credentials. The interactive voice server offers you payment by credit card in order to adjust the invoice(s). Reactivation may take up to 24 hours.