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A good dessert can improve any meal a thousand times over.

If you’re looking for a way to take your meals to the next level, you can never go wrong with a delicious treat like ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the world of desserts, don’t worry. This is exactly what we want to help you with.

So what’s the difference between gelato, ice cream and sorbet? Differences between the three desserts include origin, ingredients, and texture.

Read on to learn more about all these differences!

What is Gelato?

Gelato is a frozen dessert originating from Italy. It is prepared with cream, sweetener, milk and natural flavors such as almond, chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, pistachio, etc.

Of course, there are many different flavors of ice cream you can find right now. Ice cream has a denser texture and richer flavor than most desserts, including ice cream.

Plus, ice cream also has fewer calories and a lower sugar content than most desserts.

What is a sorbet?


Sorbet is a frozen dessert made of water, sugar and flavorings such as juice, honey, fruit puree, wine, alcohol, etc. Sorbet has a rich history and many variations.

You can now find sorbets with ingredients such as fruit peels, frozen coconut, almonds, egg whites, etc. Also, sherbet is often confused with sherbet.

The basic difference between the two is that sorbet contains dairy products and sorbet does not.

Gelato vs Ice vs Sorbet: Comparison Table

Let’s compare some characteristics of the 3 most popular desserts in the world.

Characteristics Ice soft ice cream



Italy Not confirmed



Milk, sweetener, water, milk fat and cream Cream, milk, sweetener and flavoring

Sugar, ice, various flavoring liquids

Texture Close enough Sweet and creamy Firm but smooth

Differences between gelato, gelato and sorbet

Now let’s see in detail the differences between gelato, ice cream and sorbet.


It’s no secret that the ice cream comes from Italy. It was invented by military engineer and architect Bernardo Buontalenti. However, the modern form of ice cream we enjoy was created by Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli, who served it at his Café Procope in Paris.

Most people would assume that ice cream also comes from Italy. However, there are many stories about the origin of this dessert that we all know and love.

Some sources say ice cream was invented in ancient Persia, while others believe it was created by Nero, while some stories trace its origins to the Mongol Empire.

Sorbet has a similar history to ice cream. It is believed to originate from ancient Persia. However, there are sources associating sorbet with many historical figures of Italy, such as Nero, Marco Polo, Seneca, Hippocrates and many others.


Most people assume that gelato, ice cream and sorbet are the same thing because they have many ingredients in common. However, you now know that is not true.

The basic ingredients used in making ice cream are milk, water, sweetener, milk fat and cream. Needless to say, there are hundreds of variations of ice cream around the world that contain different ingredients and flavors.

You can find ice cream in every flavor you can imagine. And you would be surprised to learn that some variants of ice cream are flavored with spices!

Ice cream is made up of ingredients such as cream, milk, sweeteners and flavorings.

Traditional versions of the dish include natural flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, hazelnut, and pistachio. However, you can now find ice cream in more flavors like apple, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, pineapple and more.

Sorbet is basically sugar water flavored with a variety of liquids.

These include honey, juice, fruit puree, alcohol, wine, etc. Modern variations of sorbet also contain ingredients such as almonds, food coloring, lactose, lemon juice, milk, egg whites, etc.

soft ice cream


Finally, let’s see how the three desserts differ in texture.

As you know, ice cream usually has a smooth and creamy texture. However, depending on the serving style, the ice cream may taste a bit harsh or airy. For example, an ice cream sandwich is often firm, while a soft serve ice cream is much creamier.

Gelato has a lot less air than most desserts. This gives it a dense texture and enhanced flavor. However, since they both contain milk and cream, the gelato has a very similar texture to ice cream.

The sorbet has no cream, which gives it a slightly coarser texture. Sorbet gets its distinctive texture primarily from two ingredients: fruit and sugar. To get the most out of this dessert, let it cool to room temperature.

How is Gelato different from Sorbet?

The main difference between ice cream and sorbet is the milk.

Gelato is made with cream and milk, while sorbet is dairy-free. This gives the desserts a distinct texture. Ice cream owes its creamy texture to dairy products, while sorbet has a creamy texture because it contains fruit puree.

Of course, this also means that the two desserts taste different from each other.

Is it Gelato ice cream or sorbet ice cream?

The melting ice

Gelato is not an ice cream or a sorbet. Some people know the gelato as “Italian ice cream”.

It shares similar texture and ingredients with ice cream, but gelato is a dessert in its own right. You can tell the difference between gelato and ice cream in taste as the former has a denser mouthfeel.

Is gelato the same as sorbet?

No, ice cream is not the same as sorbet.

Sorbet is a dessert originating from the Middle East. It is made of water, fruit, sugar and cream. On the other hand, the ice cream contains milk, sweetener, cream and natural flavors. The gelato gets its flavor from ingredients like pistachios rather than fruit.

On the contrary, sorbet is closer to sorbet than ice cream. You might be wondering if sherbet and sherbet are the same thing. Read on to know the differences between these two.

Difference between sorbet and ice cream

Sorbet and ice cream have different origins, ingredients and textures.

Origin: Sorbet originated in ancient Persia, while gelato comes from Italy.

Ingredients: Gelato consists of dairy products such as milk and cream as well as sweeteners and flavorings. In contrast, sorbet contains mostly fruit and water.

Texture: Gelato is creamier than sorbet but denser than ice cream due to the amount of dairy it contains in comparison. Sorbet tends to have a rougher texture.

Gelato vs ice cream vs sorbet vs frozen yogurt


Here is a brief overview of the differences between these desserts.

Gelato is an Italian dessert with a dense texture and rich flavor. It was traditionally made with natural flavors. However, now you can easily find fruit-based ice cream.

Ice cream is an extremely popular dessert made from milk, cream, sweetener, water and milk fat. It has many variations and a range of different flavors.

Sorbet is made with sugar, water, juice, or other liquids that add flavor. Although it does not contain dairy, varieties of sorbet in North America also use ingredients such as cream and milk.

Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made from yogurt and other dairy products. It contains more or less the same ingredients as ice cream, but froyo also contains bacterial cultures such as cottage cheese and yogurt.

Gelato versus ice cream

Despite what most people think, gelato is not the same as ice cream. Ice cream has a denser texture and more intense flavor than ice cream.

There is a limited selection of gelato flavors that you can find. On the other hand, ice cream is soft and comes in many flavors and styles.

Sorbet versus sorbet versus ice cream

The difference between sherbet, sherbet, and ice cream can best be understood by the ingredients used in making the three.

Sorbet is made from cream, fruit, and sugar, while ice cream contains cream, milk, sweetener, and flavorings. On the other hand, sorbet is made of ice cream, sugar, purees and fruit juices.

Difference Between Sorbet and Sorbet

Most people don’t know the difference between sherbet and sherbet. In fact, they might not even know that sherbet and sherbet are two completely different desserts.

However, there are key differences that set sherbet and sherbet apart: ingredients and texture. Sorbet is made with fruit and sugar, while sorbet has cream with both of these ingredients.

As sorbet does not contain cream, it tends to have a drier consistency, which is why it is eaten at room temperature. On the other hand, sorbet has a creamy texture similar to ice cream and is best served cold.