What types of printers are there?

Wheel printers

Wheel printers are actually a digital variant of typewriters. They use a disk with all the characters on it. The advantages of this type included the fact that prints could be printed in a very high quality. In addition, the printer was able to make carbon copies. However, wheel printers are very slow and noisy and the disc had to be replaced per font. Nowadays these printers can only be found in attics and in museums, they are no longer sold.

Regulatory printers

In concept, the line printer resembles the wheel printer, although instead of a wheel, use is made of a roller, belt or chain on which the characters are printed. The advantage of this type of printer compared to the wheel printer is the speed. Depending on the model, the printer is capable of printing five to twenty lines per second. Until 1980, printers of this type were the fastest, but this speed came at the expense of quality. In addition, the printers were of a gigantic size and were therefore not found in living rooms.

Matrix printers

Dot matrix printers are the first type of printers that were capable of creating images. However, this was still in black and white. The printers build their text by using small pins that push the ink onto the paper. Even at this time, dot matrix printers were still in use, but only by specific companies such as post offices and flower auctions.

Thermal Printers

Thermal printers are a bit more advanced, they use paper that is sensitive to heat due to the chemicals it contains. By heating the paper in certain places, a print can be made. This type of printer is widely used to print receipts in shops and supermarkets, for example. Advantages of this printer are that it is very fast and does not require ink for printing. The disadvantages are that the print fades over time and special paper has to be used.

continuous inkjet printer

The continuous inkjet printer is the printer that we find in most homes and offices today. The operation of the printer is similar to the dot matrix printer, but the ink is not hit on the paper, but is sprayed. The printer and the ink are not expensive, but the prices of the cartridges sometimes run up to a thousand euros per liter. The printer offers the possibility to print colors at reasonable quality. In addition to the regular printers that work with paper, there is also the 3D printer with highly advanced techniques.

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