Where are Belle France products made? – Better

About 83% of Belle France products and The Delights of Beautiful France are created in France.

Which group is part Ladybug? Within FRANCAP DISTRIBUTION, we pool our purchases and our promotions, we develop our own brands (Belle France, Les Délices de Belle France, Ecoprix), and common brands (Ladybug and CocciMarket).

Who is CocciMarket? CocciMarket is a brand of food supermarkets with a modern concept, focused on fresh products and services, adaptable to any environment throughout France.

How to open a CocciMarket? Personal contribution: Ladybug: 45K€ minimum, Coccimarket : 25K€ minimum, Sympa Basket 15K€ minimum. Communication support. Duration of contract: 5 to 7 years. Financial assistance for setting up the store.

What is the Belle France brand? Delights of Beautiful France is our Mark premium. It includes more than a hundred references, fine products, local products that best represent French tradition and gastronomy with a label or protected geographical indication (IGP).

What is the Belle France brand? Beautiful Francethe Mark owned by Colruyt supermarkets France.

Where are Belle France products made? – Related issues

Where to find Belle France products?

Signs offering “ Beautiful France

  • Coccimarket.
  • Ladybug Express.
  • Colruyt. Advertising

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