Why go to Lidl? – Better

Very well known for their mass consumption products at very low prices, the customers of the stores lidl frequent them in general for the savings offered mainly on basic daily products.

What is the most expensive supermarket? And the big winner is called E. Follow Cora (370 euros), Carrefour (372 euros) and Auchan (381 euros). The palm of the large surface more expensive is awarded to Casino, which comes dead last with an average basket amounting to 408 euros, i.e. 40 euros more expensive than E. Leclerc.

What are the names of the supermarkets?


  • Carrefour Market (Carrefour group)
  • Casino Supermarkets (Casino group)
  • Intermarché Super (the Musketeers)
  • Super U (System U)
  • Match (Louis Delhaize group)
  • Auchan Supermarket (Auchan)
  • Big Fresh.
  • Lidl (Schwarz Group)

How to know the surface of a supermarket?

How define the term GMS?

  1. Large surfaces or hypermarkets: their surface exceeds 2,500 m²;
  2. Medium-sized stores or supermarkets: their area is between 400 and 2,500 m²;
  3. Small surfaces or convenience stores: the area is located between 0 to 400 m².

Where to shop in Le Havre?

Supermarket, hypermarket in Le Haven 76600, France

  • Carrefour Market. 260 r Aristide Briand, 76600 le Haven. …
  • PFC Market. r Henri Cayeux, 76600 le Haven. …
  • Nicholas’ Basket. 54 r Victor Hugo, 76600 le Haven. …
  • The Seagull. 145 r Mar Joffre, 76600 le Haven. …
  • Cocci Market. …
  • Coccimarket. …
  • Coccimarket. …
  • NaturéO LE HAVEN.

Which is cheaper Lidl or Leclerc? The strong point of Lidl is that the brand communicates a lot about low prices. another store who communicate a little lessprobably offers much more attractive prices that at the German giant. VS’is Leclerc who takes first place in this ranking.

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Where is it cheaper to shop?

However, Leclerc remains the retail brand where you can to go shopping at the best cost with an average basket of €348 compared to an average basket in France established at €366 according to a survey by the UFC Que Choisir carried out in September 2021.

What is the most famous store in France?

What are the favorite brands of the French? Picard thus takes the lead in the ranking, ahead of Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Fnac, E. Leclerc, Cultura, Grand Frais, Yves Rocher, Galeries Lafayette and Boulanger. This ranking only includes companies with shops in 2021.

What are the large areas?

Price collection indices

  • Casino: index 116.0.
  • Monoprix: index 113.5.
  • Géant Casino: index 104.7.
  • Auchan supermarkets: index 101.5.
  • Cora: index 97.3.
  • Auchan hypermarkets: index 96.8.
  • Carrefour Market: index 95.9.
  • Crossroads: index 95.7.

What are the 3 biggest food brands in France?

The Leclerc, Carrefour and Les Mousquetaires groups are the three distributors who held the largest market shares more between March 21 and April 17, 2022, with 22.1%, 20.1% and 15.8% respectively. The last two places in the ranking are occupied by groups L.

What is the difference between Carrefour and Carrefour Market?

What is the difference between Carrefour and Carrefour Market?

supermarkets crossroads are present in cities and rural areas. With surfaces included Between 1,000 and 3,500 m2, the brand Carrefour Market offers a wide choice of fresh and local products, as well as an assortment of non-food products adapted to its customers.

What is the largest hypermarket in France?

Ranking of hypermarkets by sales area

No. Taught Surface
1 Crossroads 25,000m2
2 Auchan 21,850m2
3 Crossroads 20,000m2
4 Auchan 19,800m2

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What is the difference between hypermarket and supermarket?

What is the difference between hypermarket and supermarket?

The difference notorious Between a hypermarket and one supermarket materializes through their offer. Although both models retain their customers in the primary and secondary areas, and earn money on the permanent supply of PGC, thehypermarket pulls the tertiary and quaternary zones through promotion.

Is Carrefour cheaper than Lidl?

Crossroads : 9.1% lidl : 7.7% Crossroads market: 7% Auchan: 6.3%

Is Leclerc cheaper than Aldi?

Leclerc remains the favorite supermarket of households Leclercdesignated as the sign less expensive from France by Que Choisir. Unstoppable, it thus retains its first place among favorite supermarkets, with 22.4% market share (+ 0.6 points). ” E.

How to shop for free?

  1. 1 – Emrys the map. …
  2. 2 – Applications that reimburse your races. …
  3. 3 – Anti-waste applications. …
  4. 4– Sponsorship. …
  5. 7 – shopping for the others. …
  6. 8 – Take advantage of ODRs. …
  7. 9 – Loyalty cards…
  8. 10 – Do mystery shopper mini-missions.

Which is the most expensive between Carrefour and Intermarché?

And at this little game, itis always Leclerc who prances in the lead. Because if the average basket is fixed at 366 euros by the UFC-That Choose, that of Leclerc displays a price of 348 euros.

Which is the cheapest Leclerc or Intermarché store?

Leclercthe supermarket cheaper. For the UFC-Que Choisir investigators, “the” supermarket to be favored for saving money isis E. Leclerc : on average, a Shopping Cart containing 98 “everyday” products costs 348 euros, compared to 356 euros for Intermarché and 365 euros for System U.

What is the oldest supermarket?

The first supermarket in France was opened by the Goulet-Turpin branch in Rueil-Plaine, on October 15, 1958. It would be the visit of this supermarket who would have convinced Édouard Leclerc that large sales areas and self-service had a bright future.

Who is the best supermarket?

Who is the best supermarket?

Leclerc alone in the lead, Monoprix always good last Leclerc and Géant Casino. This time there’s none left thata: E. Leclerc retains its first place with an average basket cost of €342.

What is the favorite store of the French?

This study also highlights the brands favorites of the French for 17 sectors. For general food itis Leclerc, which won, Sephora for beauty, Histoire d’Or for jewelry and watches, and Zara for single-brand adult fashion.

Which is cheaper between Carrefour and Leclerc?

Leclerc is consumers’ favorite supermarket This who seduced at Leclerc ? Undoubtedly its very low prices, the brand having once again been designated the less expensive of France by the magazine That Picking out.

Which is cheaper Auchan or Leclerc?

According to the new UFC-That Choose E. Leclerc confirms its status as a brand at the lowest prices.

Which is the most expensive Super U or Intermarché?

For an average basket of 98 common products, you have to pay an average of 348 euros in this brand. In second place we find Intermarché, where consumers will have to pay 356 euros on average for the same basket. We then find Colruyt (363 euros) and Système U (365 euros).

Where do the French shop?

They mainly go to supermarkets (60% supermarket and 58% hypermarket), however they diversify their places of purchase in food shops (30%), convenience stores and supermarkets (29%), organic product stores (18%). How long ?

What is the first discount store in France?

It will be necessary to wait for the very end of the 1980s to see the appearance in France the first store hardcore discount. This is a store Aldi who opened its doors in January 1988 in the town of Croix (59). A few months later, Lidl, another hard brand discountopens its doors in Colmar.

Who are Carrefour’s competitors?

In France, this are Leclerc, Crossroads, Auchan, Intermarché, Casino, Super U, Cora and German distributors who cut prices like Aldi and Lidl. Without counting the supermarket chains, Amazon and the drive, which is a machine to intensify the competition.

Where is the most expensive supermarket in France?

The palm of store the most expensive is attributed to the Monoprix du Vésinet, a town in Yvelines among the more wealthy of France. For our basket of 82 products, you have to pay no less than €454.

What is the cheapest supermarket?

Leclerc! In the latter, the price of the shopping cart was displayed at 348 euros. E. Leclerc is thus ahead of Intermarché (356 euros), Colruyt (363 euros), System U (365 euros) or even Cora (370 euros) and Carrefour (372 euros).

What is the best quality-price supermarket?

What is the best quality-price supermarket?

Indices from the statement of price

  • Casino: index 116.0.
  • Monoprix: index 113.5.
  • Géant Casino: index 104.7.
  • Auchan supermarkets : index 101.5.
  • Cora: index 97.3.
  • Auchan hypermarkets: index 96.8.
  • Carrefour Market: index 95.9.
  • Crossroads: index 95.7.

Who is the most expensive between Carrefour and Leclerc?

Verdict? The price of the basket varies from 60 euros on average Between the least expensive brand and the one more expensive. Like last year, itis E. Leclerc who tops the ranking, with a shopping cart costing an average of 348 euros.