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Have you ever seen someone put a sugar cube in a glass of champagne? Some people do, but many wonder why you should bother.

Is it wise to put sugar cubes in your champagne? Or is it just some weird quirk some people have when drinking champagne?

Keep reading to find out why some people choose to put sugar cubes in champagne. After hearing all the reasons why people do this, it’s easier to understand the appeal.

1 – It’s an old Italian tradition

Some cultures have traditions that only make sense if you grew up with them. The ancient Italian tradition of dropping sugar cubes into champagne glasses makes perfect sense when viewed from the right perspective.

Basically, there’s an old story that the devil never wants to see you happy. If the devil knew you were happy, he would do anything to ruin it.

To hide your happiness from the devil, put the sugar cubes in the champagne. It lets you have a happy toast while keeping things incognito for the devil.

Whether that’s wise is up to you, but it’s something some people do. It’s an old tradition that some people keep, and you might even see people doing it sometimes who don’t have Italian ancestry.

2 – Some best wishes

Champagne cheers a wedding party

If you take the devilry out of the picture, there’s still an old Italian tradition of wishing a young couple good luck. It’s normal for people to do that To make a toast to an engaged couple, and that’s what you see most often happen when people drop sugar cubes into champagne.

The goal could be to send the couple your best wishes as they embark on a new journey in their lives. Dropping sugar cubes in the champagne could mean that everyone wants the union to sweeten their life.

Some people say this is the true meaning behind the gesture, but just as many say it has to do with hiding from the devil. It could be a combination of those two things, but you can decide what intention you place behind dropping a sugar cube into champagne if you decide to do so.

3 – A movie made him popular

A movie actually brought this little tradition to the fore and made a lot of people realize that it was a thing. The 1987 feature film struck by the moon sees one of the characters toast a champagne engagement.

Before the man in the film pours the champagne, he drops sugar cubes into the glasses. It was the first time many people saw this tradition, and it stuck with some non-Italian people who loved the movie.

You may notice that some people without Italian ancestry have adopted this little tradition. Maybe it’s because someone in the family was a fan struck by the moon and I thought the gesture made sense.

4 – It sweetens the champagne

Two champagne peach bellinis

If you put sugar cubes in your champagne, it will of course change something. This should make the champagne more bubbly than before, and it will also be noticeably sweeter.

Some people may like champagne with a little extra sweetness. If you’re a fan of sugary drinks, you might want to give it a try, whether you’re concerned about the devil or not.

Making champagne more bubbly than before can also be appealing. However, there are those who think it spoils the taste of champagne, and which side of the fence you fall on is up to personal preference.

You can take a sip of champagne and see if you like it sweet enough. If it’s not as sweet as you’d like, then dropping a sugar cube in your glass might not be such a big deal.

Of course, if you don’t like the taste of your champagne, there are other things you can do to improve the taste. A lot of people choose to make champagne cocktails and they add things like a splash of lemon or orange with sugar cubes.

Not everyone thinks champagne is a good drink, but many people like to drink it without adding anything. It depends on your taste, and it’s fine to like it however you see fit.

5 – It makes things more beautiful

Dropping a sugar cube into a glass of champagne will make it sparkle more than before. Some people really like the visual appeal of champagne, and the sugar cube can make the champagne fizz for a few minutes.

If you’re having a toast or doing something you really want to remember, it might be a good idea to add some sparkle to the champagne. It could add to the visual flair of the moment and heighten the meaning of everything you do.

This may be part of the reason people choose to do this when giving a toast or making some other kind of important gesture. It’s not entirely uncommon for people to do this like this, but maybe it’s more for dramatic effect than anything.

Final Thoughts

After reading the reasons why people put sugar cubes in champagne, it will be easier to understand why it happens quite often. It’s definitely not something everyone does, but you’ll see people doing it here and there.

If you know an Italian family that loves old traditions, maybe that’s why they do it. Some people just use sugar cubes to add a bit of sweetness to their champagne.

Whether you find traditions to have merit or value depends on your outlook on life. At least you’ll have an idea of ​​why people drop sugar cubes in champagne glasses the next time you see it happen.

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