With these 5 VPNs you can protect yourself optimally in the home office

With these 5 VPNs you can protect yourself optimally in the home office

Remote working will continue to play a role in the future, perhaps not to the extent that it is currently, but the option part of the working time from home graduating benefits many employees. We recommend installing a VPN so that your data is also adequately protected when you are working from home. Find out now which are currently the best VPNs.

What are the advantages of VPNs?

VPN is short for Virtual Personal Network. Click here for detailed information about the VPN. The advantage of this private network is the increased security that you achieve with it. You no longer dial in with your individual IP address, but the provider assigns you any IP address. Your movement on the Internet and the transmission of data is absolutely safe. Nobody can understand which pages you select on the Internet.

If you use a lot of public WiFi spots, a VPN offers the necessary protection. Data is often sent unencrypted in public hotspots. Furthermore, VPNs allow you to bypass blocked websites and service providers. The virtual network allows you to accept the IP address from another country in order to bypass blocking in this way.

5 VPNs for your home office

Of course, there are now a large number of VPN providers. Today we introduce you to 5 top providers.


Although Surfshark is more of a new provider, it can shine with many good features. Your internet connection stays as fast as it is. You can watch streaming services from all over the world. With many setting options, you can adapt the software perfectly to your needs.


NordVPN has a huge user base. The reason for this is, among other things, the fast logins, the many servers in different countries and a very good performance. Your data is optimally protected here. Customer service is available via live chat for setup questions.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN comes from Switzerland and is probably subject to the strictest regulations in the world. The software itself is very easy to use. It is based on the OpenVPN protocol. A very special extra is the Secure Code feature, in which a connection to an underground server is established via several points. With this option you have one of the safest connections ever.


With over 100 locations and more than a thousand servers, ExpressVPN can offer one of the fastest data transfers. Use a router with OpenVPN installing this service is very easy. Should questions arise during the setting, customer support is available around the clock.


For Mullvad, privacy is paramount. The connections are not registered and kept. All actions at Mullvad are completely transparent. The uncomplicated user interface further supports the positive demeanor. Mullvad is ideal for anyone who wants to be absolutely anonymous on the Internet. Even with the payment options, absolute privacy is ensured. In addition to credit cards, payment can be made with Bitcoin or an anonymous gift of money can be accepted.


VPN has become very important for the home office. Privacy is protected and you can bypass country-specific blocks. Which software you ultimately choose depends a little on the level of security and speed you want. The fact is, before you decide on a provider, find out more about the details.

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