Work securely on the move – VPN makes it possible

Work securely on the move – VPN makes it possible

Smart mobile work – use these advantages

More and more employees and the self-employed appreciate the advantages of mobile working. In addition to flexibility and free time management, this way of working also offers more creative freedom in your own daily routine, which can lead to higher motivation.

In order for mobile working to be as smart as possible, the right technical requirements are required. In addition to the hardware (e.g. laptop, smartphone or tablet), suitable software solutions and, if necessary, storage media are also required.

Data access from anywhere for optimal work results

If you want to do without the classic USB stick or portable hard drive for data storage, you can use clever solutions such as cloud systems for decentralized work. This means that smart workers not only save space for the hardware storage solution, but can also flexibly access their data anywhere.

In order to make mobile data access as secure as possible, everyone should take security precautions. With VPN, for example, IP addresses are encrypted and thus made tracking impossible. Above all, all those who like to work in public places should pay attention to maximum protection, because it is precisely these Hotspots are usually less encrypted and thus offer a weak point in data exchange.

Accelerate downloads with VPN – faster transfer rates without throttling

As you know, time is money. This is especially true for smart workers. However, downloads of software solutions or other applications are often throttled by the provider, which is of course not only annoying, but above all time-consuming.

Here, too, VPN can help and avoid the restriction of data transfer. By encrypting the IP address, it is not possible for the Internet provider to recognize whether the user has already reached his limited volume or not. But VPN also works well for applications from international websites. Since countless international surfers are available, VPN users can search for the nearest provider with the fastest speed and thus ensure faster data exchange in a targeted manner.

Use international content through VPN

International content can also be made accessible through the VPN download. German users often do not have access to English-language content, for example from the USA, Dubai or other countries, due to geo-restrictions. However, anyone who operates internationally and would like to educate themselves in the interests of their customers should also be familiar with such websites as a smart worker.

Even if it’s hard to believe, Netflix and other streaming portals often offer interesting, specialist content. Netflix USA in particular provides many interesting reports on finance, business and other topics, which, however, often cannot be accessed in Germany. Anyone who uses VPN can access the content and view it without throttling despite geo-restrictions.

Save money with VPN: Business purchases abroad help

Of course, the self-employed can claim their business expenses for tax purposes, but often only up to a certain percentage. If you want to save on your business expenses, you can use the VPN for that as well. Due to the geo-blockade, many offers (e.g. technology) are only available to German customers at higher prices or in some cases not at all.

The same applies to flight bookings or hotel reservations outside the German national borders. If you want to manage your business budget smartly, use the savings potential of VPN. Some offers and page content are only displayed to users from their own region/country.

Due to the virtual flexible surfers in VPN services, it is possible to fool the website into thinking that it is a regional user. The result: the clever savings offers are suddenly also accessible to VPN users. In this way, many percentages can often be saved that could be used for new business investments.

How VPN is used – Device compatible solutions for secure surfing

Most VPN providers provide free entry-level options that allow at least one device to be used. Although the server selection is usually limited, there are the basics for secure data transfer (e.g. anonymous IP address). Many free VPN packages work with advertisements, because this is how the free service is realized in the first place.

If you want a little more flexibility when using the device or want to do without advertising, you can use paid packages. In general, VPN is not only possible for desktops and laptops, but also for mobile devices. A similarly high level of flexibility is required for the operating systems, because VPN can be used with:

The application for the browsers (Chrome and Firefox) is also possible. If you want, you can also watch Smart TV content with your VPN software and thus bypass possible geo-blockades or transfer declarations.

VPN is also interesting for the gaming world, because it offers protection against DDoS attacks and faster loading times. In addition, many games and game extensions that may not be available in your own country can be used through VPN.

Step by step to more security and surfing freedom

In order to be able to use VPN, the following essential steps are necessary:

  • 1. Select VPN provider.
  • 2. Deciding whether to use a paid or free package.
  • 3. Download VPN application.
  • 4. Open the VPN client and set it up on the end device according to the steps.

The VPN providers have thought along with their users and designed the individual steps for using the VPN as smartly as possible. This means that all necessary settings or measures on the PC and other end devices are explained in detail. If VPN is activated, this is indicated by a symbol (e.g. in the task bar or in the browser).

Tip: Save costs and choose the longest possible terms

If you want to take advantage of the paid VPN packages, you can save a lot. Most providers make different terms available, with the longer-term packages being significantly cheaper. The amount is due in advance all at once, but this results in potential savings of several percent.

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