Write an invoice: created quickly and legally

Write an invoice: created quickly and legally

1. What information is mandatory?

It is important to note the company address and that of the customer at the top of the invoice. It is also advisable to place the invoice date in this section.

The services provided or the type and quantity of the product are in the middle part of the document. It is best to also note the delivery date here. The price including net, gross, VAT rate and VAT contribution should not be missing. An invoice number is mandatory for the tax office. This must be continuous and unique.

In the lower part are the bank details and the tax number. This means that the customer quickly knows where to transfer the outstanding amount.

2. Does the invoice have to be signed?

Noisy Sales Tax Act the signature of the invoice issuer is not part of the mandatory information. However, it is not advisable to sign the invoice. There is a risk that third parties will use the signature to forge documents.

3. What should be considered as a small business owner?

Small businesses do not have to pay sales tax to the tax office. It is important to include the reference to the small business regulation on the invoice. This can be implemented quickly and easily, for example, with the note “Due to paragraph 19 UStG, no sales tax will be charged”. In this way, the customer and the tax office know immediately that they do not pay any VAT.

4. What makes sense when designing the invoice?

Once the written part of the invoice has been created, the design is implemented. It also depends a bit on the individual taste and the industry of the company. For example, a beauty salon has a different design than a computer scientist. However, care must be taken to ensure that the design is serious. A logo is very advisable because it serves as the most important recognition feature.

Tip: rechnung.de is used to create invoices quickly and easily.

5. What to do with an incorrect invoice?

If an error occurs when creating the invoice, the biller is obliged to correct and reissue the document. This is called a cancellation invoice. The incorrect document must then be kept. This is so important as each invoice carries a sequential invoice number. If a customer moves, it may also be necessary to cancel an invoice. The process is the same here.

6. How do I properly send the created document?

Once the creation is complete, the important question arises: How do I send the invoice correctly and what needs to be considered?

There are many ways to send the invoice. Whether by letter, email or app. This is entirely at the discretion of the exhibitor.

Tip: In some billing programs, there is the option of sending the bill directly from the software using a send button. This saves time and is easy!

7. Do I prefer to create the invoice manually or with a program?

Of course you can create an invoice manually in a writing program and then send it. The incoming payments must then also be checked manually. That makes sense for small businesses. But it is usually very expensive. There are various calculation programs that simplify the process.

You can also find quick and easy help online on invoice.de. It can even be fun to write an invoice and it’s also very easy.

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